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st. louis workers compensation lawyerIf you are looking for a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer please Sauter Sullivan, we are here to help.

If you get hurt on the job, you are entitled to workers compensation in Missouri and Illinois. Your employer is legally required to have workers compensation insurance. Literally, workers compensation insurance is a form of insurance designed to help an injured worker replace lost wages and receive medical benefits, and by design, it is intended to be in the best interests of both the employee and the employer. Workers compensation benefits are usually the best way for an employee to be compensated for an on the job injury, and it is the best way for an employer to protect themselves against being sued for on the job injuries.

Most of the time, a Workers Compensation Claim succeeds without any problems, and you are covered for any expenses you have related to your injury. If you are injured on the job and eligible for Workers compensation benefits, here are the three main ways the law is designed to help you.

  • Medical Expenses – If you incur medical expenses due to your injury, your costs may be covered for hospitals, doctors, medicines, operations, procedures and therapy.
  • Disability Pay – If you are unable to work due to your injury, you may be granted a percentage of your regular salary, either temporarily while recovering from your injury, or permanently if full recovery is not possible.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation – If your injury prevents you from returning to your pre-injury job, you may be entitled to receive training in a different position with your current employer, or in a completely new trade or business.

If your employer or the insurance company fights your Workers compensation claim, and is asserting that the injury is not work related, you may have to fight for your right to receive the benefits you deserve. If this happens to you, you should contact a lawyer right away, because you can bet that your employer and the insurance companies will have attorneys on their side, and they don’t represent you.

A St. Louis workers compensation lawyer at Sauter Sullivan can help you dramatically increase your chances for success if you have a disputed workers compensation claim. We specialize in workers compensation cases, and we understand the state workers compensation laws and the federal workers compensation laws, so we know which ones apply to you and your circumstances. Workers compensation insurance systems are extremely complicated and full of strict rules and deadlines, and without expert guidance, you might not get all you’re entitled to. Let us help guide you at every step of the process and represent you with integrity, experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

Contact Us for a free consultation with an experienced St. Louis workers compensation lawyer. There’s no obligation, and we take many cases on a contingency basis, where you’ll pay us no legal fees unless we win your case.

  • Over $1.1 Million Won for Injured Construction Worker in Worker’s Compensation related Car Accident

    A heavy equipment operator who was suffered a job related injury came to Sauter Sullivan to see if we could help with his complicated case. The client was employed by an Illinois based company, and was working at a construction site at an airport in St. Louis, Missouri.

    The employer had previously housed our client and other employees at a hotel while they were working on the job, but had discontinued that benefit, forcing workers to look for their own housing while working on the construction site. On a rainy day, the plaintiff was seriously injured in a car accident while looking for a campsite to keep his trailer. Sauter Sullivan did a thorough examination of both Missouri Worker’s Compensation Law and Illinois Worker’s Compensation Law, and determined that the client’s case should be filed in Illinois because of its favorable travelling employee law. The insurance company made no offer in the case because they claimed the client was not in the course and scope of his employment when the car accident occurred. Sauter Sullivan took the case to trial and won the client an award of over $800,000 plus coverage for continued medical treatment. Sauter Sullivan also collected over $300,000 from the insurance company of the driver who cause the collision, making the total award to the client over $1.1 Million.

  • $550,000 Settlement for Woman Whose Husband Died on the Job

    died on the jobMatthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan, LLC took on a work injury case for a woman whose husband died on the job of a heart attack. Her husband was a controller at a large financial firm, which was experiencing some difficult times. Her husband had previous heart problems and had had an aortic valve replacement prior to his heart attack. Sauter Sullivan developed evidence that the work stress their client’s husband had experienced on the job was a contributing cause to his fatal heart attack. The firm hired a preeminent cardiologist to testify on behalf of the woman’s case. Prior to trial, the insurance company offered $10,000 to settle the case, but Sauter Sullivan took the case to trial and received an award granting the wife of the decedent a weekly payment for the rest of her life. The company appealed the case, but ultimately settled for $550,000.

  • $450,000 Disability Settlement Won for Sauter Sullivan Client!

    Matthew J. Sauter of Sauter Sullivan LLC took on the representation of a medical professional who claimed he could no longer work due to a serious hip problem. The condition was a work related injury that required surgery and the implant of a replacement hip. Further, the patient suffered from depression.

    Sauter Sullivan’s client had a disability policy that would pay him monthly benefits if he could not work in his chosen profession, but he was denied benefits under the insurance company’s policy. That’s when Matt Sauter was hired by the plaintiff to fight for his rights under the policy. Matt filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client and used the firm’s extensive resources to conduct extensive discovery, including the hiring of experts, the depositions of the client’s treating physicians, as well as medical record collection and review. Sauter Sullivan also took several depositions of the insurance company representatives. The attorneys for the insurance company filed a motion for a Summary Judgment, which the court denied. Shortly before the case was headed to a jury trial, Sauter Sullivan reached a disability settlement of $450,000 in this on-the-job-injury case.

  • Worker’s Compensation Case Award of Over $350,000 in Back Benefits Won for Injured Iron Worker, Plus Weekly Tax-Free Payments for Life

    Sauter Sullivan helped an iron worker who had sustained multiple injuries through his work in the past. The client’s present diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, combined with his prior injuries, make him unemployable. He had to quit work in the iron industry at the age of 50, and as a consequence he had to take a reduced pension. Sauter Sullivan received no offer from the employer, and therefore took the case to court for the client. Due to Sauter Sullivan’s expert handling and presentation of the client’s case, the client received an award totaling over $350,000 in back benefits, plus he will receive weekly tax-free checks for the rest of his life.

  • Over $230,000 in Worker’s Compensation Settlement for a Truck Driver

    missouri-truck-driverA Missouri truck driver was involved in an accident while he was on-the-job driving on I-57 in Illinois.  Two people ultimately died from the accident, and the man sustained injuries to his knees, suffered from post-traumatic stress and was unable to return to his job as a Missouri truck driver.   Michael Knepper of Sauter Sullivan took his case and filed a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of his client.  The Sauter Sullivan team was able to identify the advantages of filing a claim in Illinois for this particular type of injury, rather than in Missouri.  Mike fought hard for his client and was able to get the trucking company he worked for to agree to pay him weekly benefits while he trained for a new career in a different line of work, and pay a settlement to compensate him for the loss of earnings due to the fact that he was unable to return to his job. Although the majority of the client’s injuries were psychological, including chronic stress and anxiety, Mr. Knepper was able to obtain over $230,000 for his client, some of which were the weekly benefits the client was paid while he trained for a new career.

  • Over $200,000 in Back Benefits, plus Total Disability for Life, Awarded to Supermarket Worker in Worker’s Compensation Case!

    Sauter Sullivan represented a 16 year old client who was injured at work when he fell from a forklift that had been elevated in order to retrieve merchandise from an upper shelf in the supermarket warehouse where he was employed. The client sustained moderate brain injury and a neck fracture. Sauter Sullivan filed a Worker’s Compensation claim on behalf of the client and received an offer of $8,000 to settle the case. This offer unacceptable and did not represent fair compensation for his injuries and pain and suffering, so Sauter Sullivan took the case to court. Through the efforts of Sauter Sullivan, the client was awarded permanent total disability benefits for the rest of his life. In addition, the court awarded over $200,000 in back-benefits and weekly payments for the remainder of his life.

  • Workers’ Compensation Case Settles on the Eve of Trial for $155,000 Plus Open Medical Benefits for the Remainder of the Client’s Life

    Matthew J. Sauter from Sauter Sullivan represented a roofer who fell through a weakened roof in Jefferson County, Missouri while on-the-job.  The roofer sustained severe orthopedic injuries to his wrist and elbow, which required surgery.  Matt Sauter filed a Workers’ Compensation case on behalf of his client.  During the course of the case, the roofer kept complaining of headaches and memory loss.  At that point, no doctor had diagnosed Sauter Sullivan’s client with a head injury.  Matt Sauter felt that his client had a head injury caused by the fall, and pursued this aspect of the case.  When the insurance company would not retain a doctor to treat the client, Sauter Sullivan retained a doctor and obtained a diagnosis and treatment for the client.    The insurance company finally agreed to provide treatment for the head injury.  The initial offer on the case was $20,000.  The client was able to go back to work, so Sauter Sullivan could not make a claim for permanent total disability benefits.  After a long fight, and the retention of several medical experts, and depositions, Sauter Sullivan was able to get the insurance company to agree to pay a settlement of $155,000 plus full medical benefits for the client for the remainder of his life.

  • After First Attorney Failed, Sauter Sullivan Takes Worker’s Comp Case and Wins $125,000 Settlement for Back Injury

    A southeast Missouri man injured his back at work. The injury required surgery, but the insurance company was fighting the surgery claim.  The first attorney the man hired got nowhere with the claim.  After wasted time and effort without success, he came to the Sauter Sullivan law firm for help.  Matthew Sauter of the Sauter Sullivan law firm took the case and pushed the Workers’ Compensation claim on the man’s behalf.   Citing the facts in the case, Sauter was able to force the insurance company to pay for his client’s much needed surgery so he could get back to work.   Sauter negotiated a settlement to cover his client’s medical expenses, lost wages and over $125,000.

  • Permanent Injury in Worker’s Compensation Case Results in $117,500 Settlement

    A social worker in Belleville, Illinois suffered personal injury in her employer’s parking lot while exiting a company vehicle. There was debris on the parking lot that should have been cleaned up and removed in a timely fashion, and this debris caused her to slip and fall on the parking lot, seriously injuring and fracturing her foot. The injury was so significant, the social worker was unable to work for two years after the incident, and had to endure multiple surgeries. In spite of the surgeries, the foot injury caused ongoing pain and difficulty walking. Permanent restrictions prevented the woman from returning to her previous job, although the employer offered her a less strenuous position. To make matters more complicated, the woman had broken a bone in the same foot a couple years prior to the on-the-job injury. The woman contacted Michael Knepper of the Sauter Sullivan law firm, who took on her workers’ compensation case. Knepper filed a claim on behalf of the client, and negotiated for a settlement based on the woman’s estimated future lost earning power, rather than on an injury specific to her foot, which would have been much lower under Illinois law. In the end, Knepper negotiated a $117,500 settlement as compensation for the client’s permanent injury.

  • $98,600 Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Warehouse Employee

    In Februarinjured at worky of 2012 a southern Illinois warehouse employee in his mid-20’s was injured at work when his knee popped and snapped while stepping off a forklift.  His injury required surgery, which unfortunately did not take and resulted in a second and ultimately a third surgery due to infection.  The man had permanent physical restrictions and limitations due to the injury, and was off work and required medical treatment for nearly two years after the fall.  The injured worker came to Carolyn Caruthers of Sauter Sullivan, who took his Worker’s Compensation case and filed a claim on his behalf.  There were numerous fights and complications along the way with regard to approving medical treatment, and payment for time off work, but due to Caruthers’ hard work and persistence with negotiations, her client was compensated for his time off work and all of his medical expenses, and received a settlement of $98,600 for his injuries. 

  • $50,000 Worker’s Compensation Settlement for Truck Driver

    truck driverAn Illinois truck driver suffered an on-the-job injury and tore his rotator cuff on while getting into his truck.  Matt Sauter of Sauter Sullivan took the case and filed a Workers’ Compensation claim on behalf of his client.  Matt fought hard to ensure that his client received the proper surgery and treatment he needed as a result of his work injury.  When the client finished his medical treatment, Sauter negotiated a fair settlement and his client was awarded almost $50,000 in compensation to cover his medical expenses and lost wages.

  • $40,000 Plus Medical Settlement After Workers Compensation Denial for a Waitress On the Job

    workers compensation denialA 50-year-old waitress slipped on the wet tile floor in a kitchen while on the job in St. Louis County Missouri. The fall caused injuries to her arm, shoulder, and neck which ultimately resulted in surgery. The woman’s injuries required a lot of medical attention, including two surgeries, and she was unable to work for a long time. The waitress initially tried to handle the claim on her own and Workers Compensation repeatedly failed to respond to her in a timely fashion. They ultimately responded with a workers compensation denial of treatment for her neck or shoulder injuries. As time passed, the client required surgery for a torn rotator cuff in her dominant shoulder, plus another and surgery on her neck for a bulging disc. The waitress needed help and didn’t know what to do, so she contacted Carolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm. Carolyn Caruthers took the case and fought against the Workers Compensation denial, including filing for compensation for medical treatment and her client’s permanent disability caused by the fall’s injury to her elbow, neck, and shoulder. Despite the initial denial and refusal of treatment by Workers’ Compensation, Caruthers prevailed for her client and got Workers Compensation to reimburse for all of the waitress’s medical bills, including costs for the two surgeries and all post operation treatment, her lost wages for time missed initially after the injury as well as after the surgeries, and 10% disability for the elbow, 25% disability for the shoulder and 35% disability for her neck injury. The total settlement gained the client close to $40,000 over and above the payment of her previously denied medical treatment in compensation for her work related injuries.

  • $35,000 Worker’s Compensation Settlement for Forklift Operator

    In December of 2010 a 58 year old forklift operator was injured at work when he fell stepping off his forklift at his work in South St. Louis County. The man’s personal injuries required surgery in which permanent hardware had to be implanted and resulted in a permanent disability to his leg; he missed three months of work after his surgery. His employer completely denied the Workers’ Compensation claim because the man blew a 0.014 blood alcohol reading on a breathalyzer at the emergency room shortly after the incident. The employer hired a toxicologist that argued that the client’s blood alcohol content was higher at the time of the injury at work.

    Several attorneys turned his case down before he called Christopher Geldmacher at the Sauter Sullivan law firm. Chris listened to his story, and decided something wasn’t right, so he took the case. Sauter Sullivan hired their own toxicology expert who testified that the results of the breathalyzer test at the emergency room were not a reliable finding. In preliminary proceedings at the Division of Workers’ Compensation, two separate judges agreed. After initially denying the client’s claim completely, the employer changed course because of the hard work by Sauter Sullivan. Chris got the employer to pay the client over $35,000 in a settlement that included payment of all his medical bills, 12 weeks of back pay, and a fair settlement for his disability.

  • $34,600 for Steel Worker Who Tore His Rotator Cuff on the Job

    A worker at American Steel in Granite City, Illinois tore his rotator cuff as the result of having to do heavy work overhead for his employer for a period of 12 years.  The rotator cuff tear required surgery.  Chris Geldmacher, a partner at Sauter Sullivan, took the case and filed a Workers’ Compensation claim on behalf of his client.  Chris fought hard to ensure his client received the surgery he needed as a result of his on-the-job-injury.  The treatment, surgery and recovery lasted six months.  In the end, Geldmacher’s client received the benefits he deserved, including his wages for the time he missed from work and payment of his medical bills. After treatment was complete, Mr. Geldmacher negotiated a settlement of $34,600 for his client.

  • $25,000 for Boeing Employee Who Suffered Job-Related Carpal Tunnel

    Job-Related Carpal TunnelA Boeing employee who performed repetitive motion activities on-the-job developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both of her hands.  Matthew Sauter, a partner at the Sauter Sullivan law firm, accepted her case and filed a Workers’ Compensation claim on her behalf.  Matt went to bat for his client and fought to ensure she received the medical treatment she needed, and soon thereafter he negotiated a settlement of over $25,000 for his client.

  • Carpal Tunnel Surgery Awarded to Single Mother After Express Scripts Denies Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Was Related to Employment

    Christopher Geldmacher, a partner at the Sauter Sullivan law firm, accepted a Workers’ Compensation claim for a single working mother who developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during her employment at Express Scripts, a St. Louis based company.  Her duties involved continuous typing, and she was required to meet stringent production quotas which placed more stress on her hands.  When she asked her employer to take care of her condition, Express Scripts denied that her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was related to her employment.  Mr. Geldmacher argued that the woman’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was caused by her employment.  Express Scripts wouldn’t budge in their position, and a hearing, work comp’s version of a trial, was necessary.

    After considering the arguments presented by Mr. Geldmacher, the Workers’ Compensation judge ruled in favor of the employee and ordered Express Scripts to pay for her Carpal Tunnel surgery and for her time off of work during her recovery.  After the woman’s treatment was complete and she was paid for her time off of work, Mr. Geldmacher got Express Scripts to pay a settlement of $25,000.

  • $18,600 Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Hotel Server Who Required Surgery

    A server at a hotel near St. Louis Lambert Airport developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in her left hand after repetitively carrying heavy trays of food for her job.  A doctor told her that her hand required surgery.  When her employer refused to pay for the surgery, the woman came to Sauter Sullivan for help.   The hotel tried to place the blame for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on the employee , claiming she had an increased risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to being female, having recently been pregnant and because she had diabetes.

    Chris Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan listened to the woman’s story, took the case, and filed a Workers’ Compensation claim on her behalf.  Chris fought hard to ensure his client received the surgery she needed as a result of her on-the-job-injury.   He hired an expert physician who testified that her carpal tunnel was from holding trays while at her employment. The employer hired its own expert, whose findings agreed with the employer’s argument.   The case went to trial before a judge who ruled in favor of Mr. Geldmacher’s client.  The employer was ordered to pay for the client’s surgery, and after her recovery Geldmacher negotiated a settlement of $18,600 for his client.

  • Injured Steel Worker Receives Permanent Total Disability Benefits in Workers’ Comp Case

    In June of 2009, a 41 year old steel worker suffered a serious on-the-job injury at the steel plant in Granite City, Illinois. The worker had herniated discs in the spine which required multiple surgeries. At the conclusion of treatment, the doctors gave the client restrictions which prohibited him from being able to work again. The steel plant did not want to take responsibility and pay the permanent disability benefits their employee deserved, so the case was taken to a workers’ compensation hearing. Christopher Geldmacher of the Sauter Sullivan law firm took the workers’ compensation case and fought for his client’s rights. Due to Chris Geldmacher’s efforts, his client was awarded permanent total disability benefits. This means he will be paid weekly benefits for the rest of his life and that all future treatment for his back injury must be paid for by the employer.

  • Fast Settlement of Workers’ Compensation Claim for School District Employee Who Slipped and Fell on the Job

    on the jobA school district employee injured her back and neck on the job at McCluer North High School.  The woman was walking outside of the school to retrieve some equipment.  The path on the school grounds was icy and she lost her footing, causing her to slip and fall to the ground.  The school district sent her originally to an occupational health clinic for treatment of her injuries, but she was eventually referred to an orthopedic specialist and given physical therapy.  The woman hired  Sauter Sullivan to make sure that she received the proper settlement at the conclusion of her claim.  Christopher Geldmacher took her case, and filed a claim on her behalf.  In just over two months after completion of her treatment, Mr. Geldmacher was able to negotiate a settlement of over $13,000 for his client!

  • $10,700 Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Corrections Officer

    workers' compensationIn May of 2013, a St. Louis corrections officer was attempting to restrain an inmate at the municipal jail when she was thrown on the floor.  The corrections officer was placed on light duty for several weeks and had to undergo physical therapy for her injuries.   The woman went to the Sauter Sullivan law firm for help, and attorney Michael Knepper took the case and filed a Workers’ Compensation claim on behalf of his client.  Within 6 months, Mr. Knepper was able to negotiate a settlement of $10,700 for his client.