Courtroom Experience – Our jury trial and courtroom experience is unparalleled in our community; we are in the courts virtually every day representing the rights and interests of our clients in personal injury and business litigation cases. That means we know our way around the courtroom, and we are familiar with the staff and operations at the courts where we try cases. This type of knowledge and direct experience is vital to helping your case move quickly and efficiently through the court system, and is an important factor in helping you fight for your rights and getting you the results you deserve.

Researching the Law – It’s critical that your attorney has a complete and thorough understanding of the laws that are applicable to your case. The St. Louis Personal Injury and Business Litigation Lawyers of Sauter Sullivan in St. Louis have the knowledge, experience, staff and depth research capabilities to help you win your case and ensure you get the justice and compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Private Investigation – Sometimes the facts of a case aren’t clear, or the original reports on the case are erroneous or in error. This can be especially important when working on cases involving insurance company disputes or when fighting other powerful organizations, since they have their own team of professionals who do their best to paint the facts in their favor. You need a lawyer who has the resources to investigate the facts to make sure your rights are protected and represented in the right light. The Law Firm of Sauter Sullivan in St. Louis, Missouri uses skilled private investigators to uncover the facts and reveal critical evidence that’s important to your case.

Witness Interviewing – Locating and interviewing witnesses to a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall incident or any other personal injury event is critical to making your case. The Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan and their private investigators are experts in uncovering all possible facts and information relevant to your case.

Record Collection – Detailed record collection is an important part of many cases. Information and records from employers, physicians, hospitals even government entities can be critical in on the job injury, workers compensation and personal injury cases. The Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan have the staff and resources needed to dig deep and collect all the critical records that may be important to your case.

Expert Witnesses/Consultants – Some personal injury cases are very complicated, and the extent of injuries needs to be clearly expressed with authoritative testimony that can be understood by a jury. Medical malpractice and similar cases require medical experts who can attest to the validity of your claim, and provide the expert testimony that will stand up to scrutiny. Whatever type of personal injury or business litigation case you have, the Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan have the network of expert witnesses and consultants to ensure all the facts of your case are fully understood and presented in a court of law.

Negotiating Skills – It is in the interest of all parties if a case can be settled without going to court, and it’s critical that your attorney has top-notch negotiating skills to fight for your rights and give your case the best possible chance of fast and fair resolution without the time, expense and emotional anxiety of a trial. The Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan have decades of experience fighting for the rights of their clients, and they are experts at negotiating your case to get you the best possible results, including what you are fairly entitled to under the law.

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