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Video Testimonials – Elder Nathan Jordan

Testimonial: Wally Petro

“My Father was always a road warrior, putting over 10,000 miles on the car on vacations when I was a child.  My parents continued their trips after I was on my own until my mother had double knee replacement surgery at 8- years of age.  She could no longer sit in the car for long periods.  Knowing how much my father loved the road, she allowed him to travel on his own if he wanted.  He made two successful round trips from New York to California at the ages of 81 and 82.  In 2003, he went again at the age of 83.  On August 30th he was on his way home, travelling on I-44 eastbound in Franklin County when he was run off the highway by a large RV pulling a horse trailer.  His death was instantaneous and those who caused it fled the scene.  We were from out-of-state and needed somebody locally to help us and Kevin Sullivan stepped in to investigate for my family.  The perpetrators were apprehended and a criminal and civil case followed.  With the loss of my father’s pension and lower social security income, the cost of the home was more than my mother could comfortably afford.  Kevin was instrumental in gaining a significant settlement, which allowed my mother to stay in her home.  Subsequently, I got a phone call from Kevin saying there was a prior recall on my father’s car for seat belt failure to latch.  I was unaware of this.  I found the recall papers and the receipt that the car had been inspected by the dealership to find that the seat belts passed their test for the recall.  But, Kevin didn’t stop there.  Since my father was thrown from the car and I knew he always wore his seat belt, Kevin saw the possibility that the seat belt did fail, despite the test.  He pursued the dealership (in New York) as well as the car manufacturer.  The seat belts in the car were tested in Missouri by the manufacturer and it was found that both seat belts were actually defective.  This was devastating news.  If the seat belts worked, my father might have survived or, if my mother had gone with him, I would have lost both parents.  Kevin filed a civil case against the car manufacturer and was successful in gaining a substantial settlement.  That was in 2004.  My mother had a debilitating stroke in 2008.  This settlement also allowed my mother to live at home with full-time care.  She passed November 15, 2016 at 95, but both she and I will always hold Kevin in the highest regard as an attorney who truly puts his clients first.  He was instrumental initially in my mother being able to keep her home and, subsequently, out of a nursing home.  His professionalism, knowledge, and tenacity make him a superior attorney.  His demeanor, caring, and compassion make him a wonderful person.”


Testimonial: Zak Livengood

“I was involved in a head-on collision on my motorcycle after a truck made a left hand turn in front of me in Jefferson County, Missouri.  He was going 55 miles per hour or more, and I’m lucky to be alive.  I was pretty messed up, with lots of road rash, abrasions, a torn rotator cuff…my head, neck, back, leg and even my teeth and gums had injuries.  I was unconscious at the scene and they took me to the hospital by helicopter…believe it or not I was only in there maybe a week or less.  My mother-in-law had used Sauter Sullivan before, and she called them about my accident.  Carolyn Caruthers came to my house a couple days after I got home from the hospital and went over everything we needed to do.  She was quick and efficient, and took all the medical bills that were already starting to pile up.  Her team at the office, Becky and Ashley, did an amazing job…all my bills went to them and they kept track and stayed on top of everything for me…I had bills from over 38 medical providers…and it went on for a year and a half as I recovered.  Carolyn took control of everything and was great.  She’s totally down to earth…she cared about me as a person.  Even if I called her late at night, she’d always get right back to me.  She did everything she was supposed to do and more.  I have sent other clients to her, and I recommend Carolyn Caruthers any time someone might need a personal injury lawyer.”

Testimonial: Dana Hampton

“I was injured when I was rear ended in a car accident…I think the kid who hit me was texting…and Carolyn Caruthers did a great job helping me with all the insurance paperwork and claims. I had 2 herniated discs from the auto accident, which were extremely painful. I’m a substitute elementary school teacher, and I had a long-term commitment to teach,

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Testimonial: Michelle Clark

Carolyn Caruthers from the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm is awesome! I was injured in a car accident and I wasn’t the only one at fault. I was driving down the highway and there were two extended cab trucks, one with a trailer, almost completely stopped in the fast lane. These guys in the trucks were trying to make an illegal u-turn right in the middle of the highway by using the cut through lane for police and emergency vehicles! I couldn’t stop fast enough and slammed right into them. My airbags went off and my car spun around and was totaled. I injured my kneecap and had to have surgery on it, and I also hurt my thumb, elbow and a finger pretty badly. My face was bumped up from the airbags, too…it literally broke my sunglasses when they went off. I had whiplash that gave me problems with vertigo for a while after the accident, and lots of physical therapy. And I missed almost 8 weeks of work because of the truck accident. Now I know it was partly my fault, but those guys were at fault, too, because they were doing something illegal and pretty much stopped in the fast lane of the highway. I knew Kevin Sullivan, so we called his office, and he set us up with Carolyn to help us. Carolyn was great! The whole case took almost 2 years to get settled, but she kept me informed all the way through, and explained everything in “people” terms so I could understand it all and know what everything meant. The case never went to court, because a mediator was assigned to work out a deal between the parties. She went to bat for me, and in the end, Carolyn got me a settlement that took care of all my hospital and medical bills, my physical therapy costs, my lost wages and even my pain and suffering. Thank you, Carolyn!”