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st. louis auto accident attorneyIf you’ve been in a car accident, you need to consider contacting a  St. Louis auto accident attorney, especially if you’ve been injured. The attorneys at Sauter Sullivan are experienced, skilled experts at handling the issues associated with car accidents. We can help you take steps right away to protect your rights, keeping insurance companies from trying to inappropriately put all the blame on you. Sauter Sullivan can also help reconstruct the accident, including determining which driver bears most of the responsibility for the collision. If necessary, a St. Louis auto accident attorney at our firm can bring suit on your behalf against the party or parties responsible for the accident.

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If you’ve been in an auto accident, after the immediate shock of the accident lets up, you should take the following steps at the scene:

  • Check yourself to see if you’re injured or bleeding. If you are able, then immediately check on anyone else involved in the accident to see if they’re OK.
  • Call 911 to get an ambulance or the fire department to the scene immediately if needed. If you can’t make the call, make sure someone else calls 911 right away.
  • Make sure the police come to the scene of the accident, even if it is a minor fender bender. The police will write up an accident report, and this could be critical to you should you or anyone else involved in the accident end up with medical problems. You’ll want a police report for your insurance claim, too, so be absolutely sure you get a policeman to write up a report, and get a copy of it when it’s available.
  • Make sure you seek medical attention right away if you need it. If you have minor or serious injuries caused by the car accident, or even if you feel you may have just gotten bumped around a bit, it’s usually wise to lets the EMT’s on the scene examine you. If they think you should go to the hospital for further medical attention, it is in your best interest to take their advice. If someone else involved in the accident refuses medical attention, it’s a good idea to make sure the police know this so they can include it in their car accident report.
  • Talk to the police on the scene. Tell them what happened, giving every detail you can remember that might be important. Do not admit to guilt when you speak to the police, it is their job to collect all the facts about the accident, and include all the details in their accident report.
  • Get the names and contact information of everyone involved in the accident, including drivers, passengers and any other witnesses who were at the scene. It is a good idea to ask people to show you their driver’s license so you can record their names and addresses, and get their phone numbers, too.
  • Exchange insurance information with the other drivers in the accident. Write it all down. If any other drivers involved in the accident do not have insurance, make sure the police are notified of this fact.
  • Take steps to recall and reconstruct the accident as much as possible. As soon as you can, take notes if you can, including the date, time, location, the actions of your vehicle, the actions of other vehicles involved.
  • Consider whether you should see a medical professional after your accident. Sometimes injuries from accidents take time to affect you, like whiplash or a nagging headache, so you should see a medical professional right away after any car accident where you got bumped around a bit, or more. Even seemingly small injuries can cause issues like a subdural hematoma or other unrecognized internal bleeding, and left unattended they could become big, disabling problems.
  • Think about getting a St. Louis auto accident attorney. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s in your best interest to get a lawyer. The experienced attorneys at Sauter Sullivan  can help you right away.

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  • $700,000 Settlement on Trucking Accident Case

    Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan represented an individual whose vehicle was hit by a tractor-trailer exiting a parking lot in St. Louis County, Missouri.  Investigating police offices initially partially blamed the accident on our client.  Our client had pre-existing degenerative conditions in his neck and back.  Subsequent to the accident, our client underwent spine fusion surgery.  The trucking company disputed liability and took the position that our client’s injuries were the result of the degenerative condition and not the accident.  After filing suit, hiring multiple experts, and take multiple depositions, Matthew Sauter was able to achieve a settlement of $700,000 shortly before trial.

  • $610,000 Settlement for Minor

    Matthew J. Sauter of Sauter Sullivan LLC represented a minor who was badly injured in an automobile accident.  Sauter Sullivan sued both drivers involved in the accident on behalf of their client and was able to obtain a settlement that was greater than the policy limits of both drivers’ insurance policies.  The minor child represented by Sauter Sullivan will now receive monthly payments for the remainder of her lifetime.

  • Sauter Sullivan Recovers $375,000 Under Three Different Policies for Young Lady Injured in Car Accident

    Our client was badly injured in an automobile accident and was a passenger.  Sauter Sullivan was able to quickly obtain two policy limits offers totaling $75,000 from two drivers involved in the accident.  Our client lived with her grandmother, who had $300,000 in underinsured motorist coverage.  After a battle with the insurance company over whether our client was covered under the policy, the insurance company relented and agreed to pay the $300,000 policy limits.  Our client was able to become whole and recover $375,000 through three different policies.

  • $5.2 Million Settlement in Delivery Van Accident Case

    Auto Accident Attorney Sauter SullivanIn July of 2011, a mother was stopped at a traffic light with her 9 year old son and 11 year old daughter on Illinois route 15 in Belleville, Illinois. The driver of a commercial delivery van / truck was using his cellular phone instead of paying attention and slammed into the back of the woman’s car at almost 50 miles per hour! Witnesses said the impact was so tremendous that it sounded like a bomb going off.


  • Sauter Sullivan Turns Around Unfavorable Police Report and Recovers Over $1.1 Million Dollars

    Our client suffered a neck injury and underwent a cervical fusion subsequent to an automobile accident.  Unfortunately, he did not get a good result from his surgery.  He is presently unable to work.

    In the police report, the officer indicated that our client had run a red light.   Our client disputed that he ran a red light and claimed the other driver had run the red light.   Through investigation and discovery, Sauter Sullivan was able to develop evidence supporting our client’s story.  Ultimately, the case was resolved for over $1.1 million dollars.

  • Over $1.1 Million Won for Injured Construction Worker in Worker’s Compensation related Car Accident

    A heavy equipment operator who was suffered a job related injury came to Sauter Sullivan to see if we could help with his complicated case. The client was employed by an Illinois based company, and was working at a construction site at an airport in St. Louis, Missouri.

    The employer had previously housed our client and other employees at a hotel while they were working on the job, but had discontinued that benefit, forcing workers to look for their own housing while working on the construction site. On a rainy day, the plaintiff was seriously injured in a car accident while looking for a campsite to keep his trailer. Sauter Sullivan did a thorough examination of both Missouri Worker’s Compensation Law and Illinois Worker’s Compensation Law, and determined that the client’s case should be filed in Illinois because of its favorable travelling employee law. The insurance company made no offer in the case because they claimed the client was not in the course and scope of his employment when the car accident occurred. Sauter Sullivan took the case to trial and won the client an award of over $800,000 plus coverage for continued medical treatment. Sauter Sullivan also collected over $300,000 from the insurance company of the driver who cause the collision, making the total award to the client over $1.1 Million.

  • Christopher Geldmacher Gets One Million Dollar Settlement for Man With Back Injuries Caused by Rear End Commercial Vehicle Accident

    Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan law firm represented a 44-year-old man from Highland, Illinois that was involved in a motor vehicle collision in which his vehicle was rear-ended by a commercial truck. The man was driving his Ford F-150 on Interstate 270 South and had to slow down because traffic was backed up ahead.   A commercial truck directly behind him failed to slow down and crashed into him from behind.  Chris’ client suffered a serious injury to his lumbar spine with two levels of herniated discs.  After attempts at conservative treatment failed, the man eventually had to undergo a complicated and expensive two-part surgery on his lower back.  Chris Geldmacher made sure his client received all the treatment he required for his serious spine injury and was able to secure a One Million Dollar settlement for his client. 

  • Sauter Sullivan Gets An $850,000 Settlement for Client Hit By Drunk Driver

    Kevin Sullivan at Sauter Sullivan represented a 37 year old construction worker named Robert “Bobbie” Wilson.  He was on his way home shortly after midnight on Highway 270 when he was hit by a wrong way drunk driver.  He had a burst fracture in his back at L-3 and injuries to his right toe and foot.  He had pretty significant medical bills and was out of work for a while.  Unfortunately, the drunk driver that caused the crash did not have nearly enough insurance coverage to compensate Bobbie for his serious injuries.  During our investigation of the crash, we learned that the wrong way drunk driver had been drinking all night on his birthday at a bar called Redbirds Sports Café in St. Louis.  He crashed in to Bobbie’s vehicle shortly after leaving the bar.

    Kevin filed a lawsuit to hold the bar responsible for serving the drunk driver too much alcohol that night which resulted in the highway crash.  A claim against a restaurant or bar based upon overserving alcohol to a customer is called a dram shop claim.  In Missouri, in order to hold a bar responsible for the conduct of a drunk driver you have to prove that the customer was “visibly intoxicated” at the time the customer was served alcohol at the bar.    This is a difficult standard because, of course, the bar and its employees never admit that the person they served was ever “visibly intoxicated” and therefore it is hard to prove and win your case.  During our lawsuit, we were able to obtain a detailed computer receipt that showed that the man was at the bar for 4 ½ hours and that during that period of time he was served and paid for 192 ounces of beer (Sam Adams) and 6 Jameson whiskey shots.  We also obtained the alcohol influence report in which the investigating police officer confirmed that the driver was highly intoxicated and documented admissions from the man that he had been drinking way too much at Redbirds just before the crash.  Finally, we also were able to get a blood alcohol test result from shortly after the accident that confirmed the man was intoxicated at the time of the crash.  Given all of this evidence, we were able to convince the insurance company for Redbirds that the bar was responsible and that the man must have been “visibly intoxicated” when he was served the alcohol at the bar.  A fair settlement was reached for Bobbie on his dram shop claim against the bar.  Kevin Sullivan was able to obtain an $850,000 settlement for his client.

    If you or a loved one have been injured or harmed by a drunk driver please call Kevin Sullivan at the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm.

  • Sauter Sullivan Obtains Judgment of Over $800,000 Against Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission

    Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan was hired to represent a family who witnessed the tragic death of a loved one.  The family lived on Highway 47 in Bonne Terre, Missouri.  Prior to the accident, the Bonne Terre area had received 6-10 inches of snow.  The Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission (MODOT) had cleared the snow and had piled the snow on an elevated curve not far from our clients’ house.  The snow melted during the day, and then froze on the road at night in what is termed “refreezing”.  The Plaintiffs were standing in the front yard, when a lady hit the ice, catapulted from a ditch, and landed on the decedent.  The decedent’s grandsons were standing right next to him when this happened.

    Sauter Sullivan sued the driver of the automobile and MODOT.  After depositions, Sauter Sullivan settled the claim against the driver for the policy limits.  Sauter Sullivan was able to get favorable testimony from MODOT employees that helped make the case against MODOT.  Sauter Sullivan took countless depositions of every MODOT employee involved in the snow and ice removal on Highway 47.  This hard work paid off.

    MODOT did not offer any money prior to trial, and indicated to Matthew Sauter that his clients did not have a case.  Sauter Sullivan tried the case on behalf of its clients and received a judgment of over $800,000.  Approximately 50% of the judgment was for the wrongful death case, and the other 50% was for the negligent infliction of emotional distress claims brought by Sauter Sullivan’s clients who were the grandsons of the decedent.  Both grandsons were diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after the accident.  Matthew Sauter and his team at Sauter Sullivan rolled up their sleeves and went to work because they believed MODOT was responsible for the accident.  Although MODOT kept putting up roadblocks to recovery along the way, Sauter Sullivan fought through these tactics and was able to make a case for their client.

    A lot of law firms that advertise for personal injury case try to settle the cases with the least amount of work.  When Sauter Sullivan accepts a difficult case, they expend whatever time and money is necessary to achieve a just result.  All of the attorneys at Sauter Sullivan regularly appear in courtrooms in the State of Missouri and Illinois, and have tried lawsuits before juries and judges.  We are experienced trial attorneys.  When searching for an attorney to handle your personal injury case, make sure to ask them how often they have trials and the results achieved at trial.  Do not hire an attorney whose object is simply to take whatever offer is made by the insurance company.  At Sauter Sullivan, if we do not receive an adequate offer, we take the case to trial.

  • $450,000 Settlement for Truck Driver Hit While Changing Tire

    A young, recently married couple from a small town in Southern Illinois was faced with uncertainty after the husband was involved in a terrible truck accident. The husband drives a truck for a living, and was travelling on Highway 57 near Effingham, Illinois, when he had a tire blow out on his tractor-trailer. He put on his flashers and pulled his truck completely off the highway on to the shoulder.


  • Sauter Sullivan Won $450,000 Truck Accident Case in Federal Court

    sauter sullivan wonA truck accident / auto accident  that happened in the City of St. Louis, Missouri, seriously injured a Sauter Sullivan client. The truck T-Boned the client’s car at an intersection, and the client injured her neck and back. After a long course of treatment, the plaintiff had to have neck surgery. Matt Sauter of the Sauter Sullivan law firm filed a lawsuit for the plaintiff in Federal Court and conducted extensive investigation and dispositions. Matt Sauter of Sauter Sullivan won a $450,000 settlement in the case, so his client recovered enough money to pay her medical expenses plus a substantial sum for her past and future pain and suffering.

  • Car Accident Injury Yields $400,000 Settlement

    A woman who was traveling on Interstate 70 in the St. Louis area when a car traveling in the opposite direction crossed over the median and struck her vehicle. She suffered serious injuries in the auto accident, including injuries to her lower extremity which required surgery, and had a fairly long recovery period. Matt Sauter from the Sauter Sullivan law firm took on the woman’s case, and tried to reach a settlement with the insurance company before filing suit. The insurance company only offered $100,000 to settle the car accident case, but Matt and his client believed this offer was inadequate to compensate the woman for her injuries and suffering, so they proceeded with a lawsuit. The extensive resources of the Sauter Sullivan firm were brought to bear on the case, and depositions were taken which bolstered the woman’s argument. Before the case could get to trial, it was settled with an award of over $400,000 for Sauter Sullivan’s client.

  • Christopher Geldmacher Gets $350,000 Settlement for Woman Injured in Collision with Motorist Assistance Vehicle

    A 63 year old woman who works as a home health worker was driving northbound on Highway 157 in Collinsville, Illinois.  Suddenly, a large motorist assistance vehicle driving southbound attempted to make a left turn in front of her without yielding and struck the woman’s vehicle almost head-on.  She was taken to Anderson Hospital by ambulance, and where she was diagnosed with whiplash injuries to her neck and lower back.  The emergency room doctor instructed her to seek follow up medical care.  The woman sought treatment from a chiropractor.  During the course of her treatment with the chiropractor, it was determined that she needed MRIs of her spine. The MRIs showed herniated discs in her neck and lower back, and she was referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon.  The spine surgeon found she was a candidate for back surgery, but it was agreed to try non-operative treatment first.  She received injections from a pain management doctor. The injections helped but did not resolve her problems.  Ultimately, the woman and her spine surgeon determined that the only option left for her was surgery.  At the time that her case resolved, the woman was waiting to have surgery, on the instructions of the spine surgeon, until her pain had progressed and she could not function without getting the problem surgically repaired.  She plans on having the surgery when her pain reaches that point.

    Chris Geldmacher represented the woman and attempted to negotiate with the insurance company for the motorist assistance vehicle.  Geldmacher found the insurance company was not willing to pay an amount considered fair to his client, so he filed suit on her behalf.   Shortly after filing, the insurance company for the motorist assistance vehicle reopened negotiations.  They were able to arrive at a settlement without having to get very far into the lawsuit. Chris negotiated a settlement of $350,000 for his client.

  • $350,000 Settlement: $100,000 Settlement on Liability Claim and $250,000 Settlement for Underinsured Motorist Benefits

    underinsured motorist benefitsOur client was involved in a bad accident, when a vehicle turned in front of her.  She injured both of her knees and sustained a concussion.  She also had a fairly substantial loss of income because she could not work in her professional career for several months after the accident.  She had therapy and injections on her knee, but never needed surgery.  Sauter Sullivan was able to obtain a $100,000 settlement on the at fault party’s liability insurance.  Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan then proceeded against the underinsured motorist company, who offered $5,000 prior to litigation.  Matthew Sauter filed suit on behalf of our client and developed the facts of the accident, the medical evidence, and the wage loss through expert testimony and deposition.  The underinsured motorist insurance company ultimately paid $250,000 in underinsured motorist benefits at a mediation of the case shortly before trial.

  • Sauter Sullivan Overcomes a False Police Report and Secures $300,000 for Woman Involved in Car Accident

    A woman was traveling down a two-lane road when an SUV coming in the opposite direction at a high rate of speed crested a hill, came into her lane and crashed into her vehicle head on.  She sustained injuries to her shoulder that required surgery.  The police officer who investigated the car accident blamed the accident on her, claiming she had crossed the center line.  The woman came to Sauter Sullivan for help, and after hearing her story, Matthew Sauter took the case.  Sauter hired an accident reconstruction expert and secured the vehicles involved in the accident, both of which had been totaled and were at a tow lot.  Sauter was also able to retrieve the crash data computer information from the vehicles’ computers, which showed that the other vehicle was traveling more than 40 miles over the speed limit at the time of the accident.  The Sauter Sullivan team engaged engineering experts to do a full accident reconstruction, which showed that the other vehicle crossed the center line and was in the opposite lane of travel at the time of the accident.  Matt Sauter secured a settlement of over $300,000 for his client and ensured she was covered for the surgery she needed.

  • Sauter Sullivan Gets $300,000 for Union Tradesman Who Lost His Career Due to Injury in Commercial Vehicle Accident

    A 56 year old union tradesman came to Sauter Sullivan after being involved in a highway collision with a commercial vehicle that caused serious personal injury. In this rear-end collision, the force of the impact of the commercial vehicle into the rear of the gentleman’s car resulted in the man’s knee violently striking the dashboard of his vehicle.

    Knee surgery was required, and the man incurred over $40,000 in medical expenses. To make matters worse, after the surgery, doctors instructed him not to return to the union trade he had been performing his whole life; his injured knee could no longer stand the laborious demands of his lifelong profession. The union tradesman contacted the Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan in St. Louis, Missouri. Christopher Geldmacher, an attorney at the firm, filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the gentleman. On the eve of the trial, Geldmacher and his client reached a $300,000 settlement with the company responsible for the commercial vehicle in the accident.

  • Sauter Sullivan Gets $300,000 Settlement for Client Injured in Rear-End Auto Accident

    An X-ray technician in his late 30’s was rear ended in an auto accident in Tennessee in October of 2011. He was stopped at an exit ramp off a highway, waiting for traffic to clear to make his turn, when the driver of the other vehicle hit him from behind at a high rate of speed.


  • $275,000 Settlement for Woman Pedestrian

    pedestrianA woman’s foot was run over by a commercial vehicle while she was a pedestrian walking on the street. She contacted the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm for help after the insurance company made her a very low offer.

    Matthew Sauter took the case and filed suit on behalf of his client. Through the discovery process, he uncovered information on the driver of the commercial vehicle which greatly increased the value of the case. One month prior to the trial, the personal injury case was settled for $275,000, a sum more than 15 times the amount of the medical bills alone.

  • $250,000 Settlement Obtained Prior to Trial for Automobile Accident

    prior to trialMatthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan LLC obtained a $250,000 settlement for an automobile accident victim just prior to trial.  The accident occurred when our client collided with a vehicle that failed to yield the right-of-way.  The insurance company for the other driver claimed that our client was at fault for speeding and violating the signal.  They refused to pay any money prior to filing suit.  Our client suffered a concussion and injuries to his knee and back.  He subsequently underwent back surgery consisting of a laminectomy for a herniated disc.  Depositions were taken, and medical evidence was developed.  Matthew Sauter was able to obtain a $250,000 settlement just prior to trial.

  • $250,000 Settlement for Business Owner Injured by Negligent Driver

    Attorney Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan, represented a 48 year old business owner from Barnhart, Missouri who was the passenger in a vehicle struck by a 17 year old negligent driver in North St. Louis County.  The client went to the ER, and then followed up with a chiropractor.  The chiropractor ordered an MRI that revealed disc herniations and stenosis in both the cervical and lumbar spine. The client was then referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon. The surgeon found the client was a candidate for surgery in both his neck and lower back, but the surgeon and client agreed to try non-operative treatment first.  The client went to a pain management specialist and physical therapy to try to avoid the need for surgery.  The non-operative treatment helped the client but did not resolve the problems.  The client returned to the surgeon, who told him surgery was the only remaining alternative to help his pain.

    Since the client hadn’t had surgery yet, the insurance company for the negligent driver didn’t want to consider the cost of the surgery in negotiations. So, Mr. Geldmacher filed suit on behalf of his client.  Shortly after filing suit, the insurance company approached Chris about mediating the case.   At the mediation, Chris was able to negotiate a settlement that considers his client’s future need for surgery and earned his client a $250,000 settlement.

  • $250,000 Settlement Reached within 6 Months of Car Accident

    car accidentA client of Matthew Sauter of the Sauter Sullivan law firm was injured in a car accident in Montgomery County, Illinois. In spite of having sustained injuries to the head and multiple fractures, the client fortunately made a very good recovery. In less than 6 months following the car crash, Sauter Sullivan was able to obtain a $250,000 settlement for their client.

  • Shoulder Surgery Settles for $240,000

    Our client was injured by a tractor trailer in an unusual accident at a truck stop. Our client ultimately needed shoulder surgery.  The insurance company for the trucking company initially questioned the claim because of the unusual facts.  Fortunately, our client took pictures at the scene of the accident which helped prove the facts.   After filing a lawsuit, we were able to get a very favorable settlement for our client in the amount of $240,000. This shows the importance of taking pictures with your cell phone or any camera available at the scene of the accident.  It can make or break a case.

  • Nearly $233,000 for 18-Wheeler Driver Hit by a Drunk Driver

    18-wheelerChristopher Geldmacher represented a 42 year old professional truck driver who was on the job driving an 18-wheeler when he was struck head on by a drunk driver heading the wrong way on the interstate.  The truck driver was in Collinsville, Illinois heading northbound on Interstate 255, when the collision occurred.  The drunk driver hit the truck head-on, causing the 18-wheeler to flip onto its side.   When police arrived the truck driver was unconscious and hanging from his seat belt in the overturned truck.

    The truck driver suffered a concussion and injuries to his spine which caused an aggravation to a portion of his spine that had previously undergone a spine surgery.  The spine specialist he was referred to ordered spinal injections and physical therapy. He was also sent to a concussion specialist.  The concussion specialist referred the truck driver for special concussion therapy. He was out of work for about five months and required extensive ongoing treatment that lasted approximately six months, but in the end he was able to return to work.

    Chris Geldmacher represented the truck driver and filed a workers compensation claim against the truck driver’s employer and a claim against the drunk driver’s insurance company.   Mr. Geldmacher was able to obtain settlements in both claims totaling nearly $233,000 for his client.

  • Chris Geldmacher Earns $225,000 Car Accident Settlement for Woman with Bulging Discs in Her Cervical Spine

    bulging discsChristopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan, LLC represented a 43-year-old car accident victim from Florissant Missouri.  The woman was driving on Patterson Road when a 70-year-old man failed to yield and pulled out in front her causing their cars to collide.  She was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  After the emergency room, she followed up with chiropractor.  The chiropractor treated her, but he problems that she was experiencing in her neck would not go away.  The chiropractor referred the woman for an MRI of the spine which revealed bulging discs caused by the collision.

    The chiropractor referred her to a spine surgeon who looked at her MRI films and told her that she would eventually need surgery on her neck.  The surgeon and the injured woman agreed that she should first try other non-operative measures before surgery, including injections by a pain management doctor and physical therapy.  This treatment helped her symptoms, but did not resolve the underlying problem, her bulging discs.  The woman and the surgeon she saw agree that she will require surgery in the future, but they chose to wait until her symptoms became worse.

    After submitting all the proper documentation, Mr. Geldmacher was able to negotiate with the insurance company and worked out a settlement that avoided a lawsuit.  Mr. Geldmacher’s client received a $225,000 settlement for the injuries she sustained in her car accident.


  • Chris Geldmacher Gets $225,000 Car Accident Settlement for Woman Involved in Two Car Accidents in One Month

    In August of 2018 a woman was involved in two car accidents in one month in North St. Louis County, Missouri.  The woman suffered pain in her neck and lower back.  So, she went to the emergency room, and then followed up with a chiropractor.  Despite multiple treatments her pain persisted.  The chiropractor order MRIs of her neck and lower back.  The MRIs showed disc injuries, and she was referred to a spine surgeon.   The spine surgeon advised her that surgeries for the neck and lower back would ultimately be required relieve her symptoms.  Not wanting to rush to have the surgeries, she explored other options which were intended to delay the need for the surgeries.  She went to a pain management doctor and received injections to attempt to control her pain.  The injections provided her with temporary relief, but the problems always returned. The woman and the spine surgeon both agree that she will eventually require the surgeries that are being recommended.

    Since the woman was involved in two collisions in such a short period of time, neither one of which were her fault, the two insurance companies she was dealing with denied responsibility for her injuries, with each blaming the other.  She came to Sauter Sullivan, and Christopher Geldmacher listened to hear story and wanted to help.  Chris was able to bring the insurance companies involved together and make them understand that prolonged litigation was not in anyone’s best interests.  He convinced the insurance companies to pay their full policy limits and obtained a $225,000 settlement for his client. 

  • Sauter Sullivan Turns Around Pair of Unfavorable Police Reports and Settles Cases for $250,000 and $200,000

    police reportIn the first case, our client was riding a bicycle home late at night.  He was coming from a bar, and his blood alcohol was over the legal limit.  A vehicle made a turn in front of him and hit him, causing very serious injuries.  The police report was unfavorable to our client, indicating our client had failed to yield the right-of-way and had been drinking.  Sauter Sullivan’s investigation uncovered that the other driver had also been drinking and that the evidence from the scene of the accident did not support the police report.  The other driver did not have insurance, so Sauter Sullivan made claims under our client’s uninsured motorist coverage.  After the filing of a lawsuit and discovery, Sauter Sullivan was able to obtain the full policy limits of $250,000 from the uninsured motorist coverage despite the fact that the police report had blamed the accident on our client.

    In the second case, our clients were traveling to work on Broadway in the City of St. Louis, when an individual came from a side street and hit them.  Our clients were knocked unconscious in the accident.  The other driver claimed our client ran a red light and the police report reflected that our clients were at fault for running a red light.  We canvassed the area, and were able to find a witness to the accident who was able to provide evidence that the police report was wrong.  The witness testified that our clients had a green light and that the other individual had, in fact, run the red light.  After obtaining a deposition of the witness, Sauter Sullivan was able to settle the case for the policy limits of $200,000.

    In both cases, it initially appeared that there would be no recovery due to the unfavorable police reports.  Sauter Sullivan conducted an investigation through photographs, accident reconstruction techniques, location of witnesses, and deposition testimony to overcome the unfavorable police reports.  Sauter Sullivan does not simply accept the police report at face value.  We do our own independent investigation to determine who was at fault in an accident.  Oftentimes, we are able to overcome unfavorable facts which may appear in the police reportNot many law firms have the resources and the willingness to do this.

  • Over $230,000 in Worker’s Compensation Settlement for a Truck Driver

    missouri-truck-driverA Missouri truck driver was involved in an accident while he was on-the-job driving on I-57 in Illinois.  Two people ultimately died from the accident, and the man sustained injuries to his knees, suffered from post-traumatic stress and was unable to return to his job as a Missouri truck driver.   Michael Knepper of Sauter Sullivan took his case and filed a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of his client.  The Sauter Sullivan team was able to identify the advantages of filing a claim in Illinois for this particular type of injury, rather than in Missouri.  Mike fought hard for his client and was able to get the trucking company he worked for to agree to pay him weekly benefits while he trained for a new career in a different line of work, and pay a settlement to compensate him for the loss of earnings due to the fact that he was unable to return to his job. Although the majority of the client’s injuries were psychological, including chronic stress and anxiety, Mr. Knepper was able to obtain over $230,000 for his client, some of which were the weekly benefits the client was paid while he trained for a new career.

  • Client’s Prior Counsel Drops the Ball: Sauter Sullivan Takes Over Languishing Auto Accident Case and Reaches $200,000 Settlement

    In 2008, a 40 year old mother of one was seriously injured in an auto accident at the intersection of Union Road and Union Terrace in St. Louis, County, Missouri. The woman was driving down Union Road with her daughter when another driver attempted a left hand turn directly in front of her, crashing hard into her vehicle. The force of the impact was so severe it caused the woman’s car to flip onto its side. The mother sustained various abrasions and lacerations, plus neck, back and shoulder injuries in the car crash. She suffered a tear in her left shoulder as a result of the accident and required two different surgeries on the shoulder due to ongoing pain and limitations following the first procedure. The woman missed a lot of time from work and had to undergo a great deal of medical treatment. She came to Carolyn Caruthers at Sauter Sullivan after becoming dissatisfied with her previous attorney, as her case had been pending for several years without resolution or communication from her prior counsel. Caruthers negotiated the claims for both the woman and her daughter. Due to Caruthers’ hard work and persistence with negotiations, the at fault driver’s insurance company settled for $100,000, and the client’s insurance carrier paid out an additional $100,000 on her underinsured motorist coverage, for a total recovery of $200,000 for the client.

  • Matthew Sauter Obtains a $150,000 Settlement Consisting of $50,000 on a Liability Policy and $100,000 on an Underinsured Policy

    policy limitsOur client had a prior back fusion and was involved in a subsequent motor vehicle accident.  She was concerned that the accident would cause problems to her prior fusion.  Sauter Sullivan obtained the services of an orthopedic surgeon to review the case, and the surgeon indicated that our client may need additional surgery in the future.  To date, the client has not had the surgery.  The person at fault in the accident carried insurance policy limits of $50,000.  Our client had $100,000 in underinsured motorist coverage.  Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan was able to obtain the policy limits for both insurance policies, for a total sum of $150,000 within six months of the accident.

  • 84-Year-Old Passenger Receives $146,000 Settlement From Underinsured Motorist Coverage

    An 84-year-old grandmother was on her way to work on Highway K in St. Charles when she was involved in an automobile accident.   The driver of the car in which she was a passenger made a left turn without yielding, causing an oncoming vehicle to crash into the passenger side of the car.  The woman suffered a fractured sternum, a concussion, and spent four days in the hospital before being transferred to a rehab facility where she spent sixteen more days.   Even after returning home, she required full-time care from her family for a few more months.

    The woman’s family hired Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan to help.  An investigation revealed that the insurance policy held by the driver of the car in which the client was a passenger did not provide enough coverage to cover all the woman’s injury claim.  However, Chris found additional underinsured motorist coverage available on the grandmother’s family automobile insurance policy that provided the extra coverage she needed.  With the additional coverage, Chris was able to secure a settlement of $146,000 for his client.

  • $125,000 Settlement for Man Who Suffered Stroke after Head-On Collision

    In January 2013, a high school principal and father was driving in south St. Louis City when another driver coming from the opposite direction tried to make a left hand turn in front of him, causing a head-on collision.  The client initially went to the ER for complaints of neck and back pain, and then started chiropractic treatment.  Then, a few days later,  after the car accident he suffered a stroke, which required a lengthy hospitalization, and extensive treatment and therapy.  While the injuries and treatment from the car accident itself were not very substantial,  the injuries resulting from the stroke were quite extensive, requiring over a year of therapy and causing the man to miss over 6 months of work.

    There were many intricate questions about whether the stroke was causally related to the car accident as the client had pre-existing risk factors that could have resulted in the stroke.  The gentleman came to the Sauter Sullivan law firm for help.  Carolyn Caruthers listened to the man’s story, took the case and worked hard to ensure her client got the compensation he deserved.  Claims were made with the other driver’s insurance company as well as the clients for underinsured motorist coverage.  Caruthers consulted with medical experts and fought through a protracted investigation on the causal connection between the car accident and the subsequent stroke.  In the end, Caruthers was able to gain two policy limits settlements for her client totaling $125,000.

  • Christopher Geldmacher gets $121,000 Settlement for Man Injured in Rear-End Collision on Interstate 64/40

    A 42 year-old man who works as a security guard in St. Louis was driving Westbound on Interstate 64/40 just before the Kingshighway exit.   He had slowed down due to traffic ahead when he was rear-ended. The impact caused his left ankle to be jammed into the floorboard.   The man had sustained a prior serious injury to his left ankle which required surgery involving implanted plates and screws.  When the security guard jammed his foot during the rear-end collision, it damaged the hardware in his ankle, and caused the need for additional surgery to make repairs.  Chris Geldmacher represented the man and filed a claim against the other driver and her insurance company.    Mr. Geldmacher settled the case and his client received $121,000 for his injury.

  • Shared Fault in Truck-Car Accident Ends in $115,000 Settlement

    A mother in her mid 40’s rear-ended a truck and trailer while driving in the fast lane of Highway 55 in the St. Louis area. She had just changed into the fast lane when the defendant’s truck and trailer came to a complete stop in the fast lane of the highway.

    There were actually 2 trucks from the same company following each other from a job site when they missed their turn off and instead of going to the next exit to turn around, the driver of the front truck decided to make an illegal u-turn by turning into a driveway that was clearly marked for use only by authorized or emergency vehicles. When the first truck slowed to make the illegal u-turn, the truck that was following had to slam on his brakes, coming to a complete stop on the highway. The woman was unable to stop in time and struck the truck. She was significantly injured in the truck accident. She sustained whiplash injuries to her neck and back, as well as injury to her elbow, but the most severe injury was to her left knee which struck the dashboard in the collision. She ended up needing surgery on her knee and lots of physical therapy. She continues to have neck and back problems. The woman knew Kevin Sullivan, and contacted the Sauter Sullivan law firm for help. Carolyn Caruthers was assigned to the case and she fought long and hard for her client. She was ready to take the case to trial but fortunately the defending truck company agreed to a favorable settlement of $115,000 which covered her client’s medical bills, lost wages, therapy and pain and suffering.

  • $105,000 Settlement Obtained by Christopher Geldmacher for Man Rear-Ended In St. Clair County, Illinois

    A 62 year-old man from East St. Louis was traveling on Illinois Highway 15 in St. Clair County when his car was rear-ended. The collision caused his knee to strike the dashboard, which exacerbated pre-existing knee problems. After the accident, the man was treated with injections and extensive physical therapy, but unfortunately the treatment failed to return him back to his pre-collision condition. His doctor advised he have a total knee replacement surgery. After the surgery, he had go to a nursing home as part of his recovery and was required to participate in a lot of post-surgery physical therapy. The medical bills were piling up, and the other driver’s insurance company wouldn’t pay, claiming his knee problems were pre-existing. So, he came to Sauter Sullivan for help. Christopher Geldmacher took his case and filed a claim on behalf of his client against the other driver’s insurance company. Chris argued the man may not have required a total knee replacement surgery, or at least not required it as soon as he did if the collision hadn’t happened, causing the man to injure his knee even further. In the end, Mr. Geldmacher’s argument prevailed, and he obtained a settlement of $105,000 for his client.

  • $102,000 Settlement for Neck Injury in Rear-End Collision

    Attorney Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan, represented a 47 year old woman from South St. Louis who rear-ended at the Ballas Road exit from I-64/40 west.  The woman was stopped and waiting for traffic to clear so she could turn right when an inattentive driver struck her from behind.  The woman required chiropractic care after the accident and as her issues persisted, her chiropractor referred her for an MRI.   The MRI revealed a congenital condition in her neck that was aggravated by the collision.  The woman went to see a spine surgeon who told her that she  was a candidate for spine surgery.  However, he recommended she try non-surgical options first, before making a decision to have surgery.  She was referred to a pain management specialist who tried various options before finding one that worked. Thankfully, she was able to avoid surgery.

    The woman hired Christopher Geldmacher to represent her. He filed a claim on her behalf against the at fault driver’s insurance company.    After making sure that his client received all of the treatment that she required, Mr. Geldmacher negotiated a settlement of for her which totaled $102,000.

  • Seriously Injured Auto Accident Victim Gets $100,000 Settlement from Insurance Company

    A sales manager in his mid-40’s was seriously injured in an auto accident in Madison County, Illinois. The man was driving to work on a snowy January morning when a woman driving towards him from the opposite direction lost control of her vehicle and crossed over into the man’s lane, striking his vehicle. The impact spun the man’s vehicle around in such a manner that the woman’s car struck him a second time and pushed his vehicle off the road into a ditch. The man suffered serious injuries to his neck, shoulder and knee as a result of the car crash. The knee was so badly damaged he required a total knee replacement, and his shoulder required surgery to repair his rotator cuff. He also had 3 disc bulges in his neck for which surgery was not a good option, requiring him to undergo more conservative treatment including physical therapy and injections. His injuries were so severe he was off work for a period of time for which he lost wages, plus he incurred huge medical expenses associated with his surgery and rehabilitation therapy. When the woman driver’s insurance company was not forthcoming with compensation, the injured man contacted Carolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm. Caruthers assertively negotiated on behalf of her client in the insurance company dispute, and reached a settlement wherein the insurance company paid $100,000 in compensation, the maximum limit under the policy.

  • Truck Accident Victim’s Pain, Emotional Trauma & Anxiety Yields $80,000 Settlement

    A licensed practical nurse in her 50’s was stopped at a traffic light in a line of cars on Greenmount Road in Shiloh, Illinois. The driver of an 18-wheeler semi-truck was not paying attention, looking through his delivery papers as he drove, and slammed into the last vehicle in line at a high rate of speed, causing a multi-car pileup.

    The force of the impact from the truck accident pushed the last vehicle in line into the nurse’s car, which in turn hit the vehicle in front of her. The woman called the personal injury attorneys at Sauter Sullivan for help, and counselor Carolyn Caruthers took on the case. The client suffered physical and emotional injuries in the truck accident, and had ongoing problems with headaches, as well as neck, back and leg pain, even though there was no evidence of any fracture or disc herniation. She missed 2 weeks of work due to the truck crash, and suffered anxiety driving following the collision. Sauter Sullivan negotiated with the trucking company’s insurance carrier and reached an $80,000 settlement for the client.

  • $75,000 Jury Verdict for Express Scripts Employee Injured in Rear-End Collision

    involved in a head-on collisionA 43-year-old Express Scripts employee and father of four was injured in a rear-end collision heading westbound in backed up traffic on Interstate 70 just outside of downtown St. Louis. The man went to the ER and followed up with a chiropractor for treatment of the injuries he sustained.  Ten months after finishing treatment with the chiropractor, he was still suffering with neck and shoulder problems.  He went back to the chiropractor for additional care.  The chiropractor then referred him to an orthopedic surgeon for injections in his neck and left shoulder.  The treatments left the man with medical bills totaling just over $31,000.00.

    The other driver’s insurance company refused to take responsibility for the client’s injuries arguing that since there was very little damage to either car involved in the collision, the man’s injuries could not be that serious.  The gentleman hired Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan to represent him with regard to his injuries and fight the insurance company.  Initially, the insurance company was only offering just over $12,000.00…only enough to cover about a third of the victim’s medical bills due to the accident.

    Mr. Geldmacher filed suit and fought to get his client a fair resolution of his claim.  Just before the trial, the insurance company raised its offer to $21,000.00, still well short of the medical expenses.  Mr. Geldmacher took the gentleman’s case to a jury trial in the City of St. Louis.  At trial, the insurance company once again argued that the light damage to the vehicles involved meant that this man’s injuries could not have been as severe as the doctors were saying.  The jury did not agree.  Instead, the jury awarded Mr. Geldmacher’s client $75,000.00.

  • $53,000 Plus Medical Bills Received on an Uninsured Motorist Claim

    uninsured motoristTwo clients of the Sauter Sullivan law firm, a grandmother and granddaughter, were involved in a car accident caused by an uninsured motorist.  The uninsured motorist was traveling in front of the clients when he made an illegal U-turn striking the clients’ vehicle.  The granddaughter had some minor injuries, including pain in her left wrist, for which she was treated in the emergency room and released.  No follow up treatment was required.  Unfortunately, the Grandmother’s injuries were more substantial and included a laceration to her scalp which required numerous stitches along with a fractured right wrist.   Fortunately, her wrist fracture was resolved with physical therapy and did not require surgery.

    Carolyn Caruthers fought for her clients and was able to get $3,000 plus medical expenses for the granddaughter’s minor injuries.  On the claim for the grandmother, Caruthers recovered policy limits on the two applicable insurance policies for a total settlement of $50,000 for her medical expenses and pain and suffering.

  • $50,000 Settlement for Couple in Rear-End Collision

    chiropractic careIn April 2014, a young couple was stopped in traffic in St. Claire County, IL when they were rear-ended and then pushed into the vehicle in front of them.  Both were taken by EMS to the ER, were treated for neck and back sprains and strains, and required follow up chiropractic care for several months after the car crash.  The man wasn’t able to return to work right away after the accident and his employer filled his position in his absence, offering him an alternate position that paid much less and caused him  a substantial loss of wages.  Carolyn Caruthers of the Sauter Sullivan law firm took the case and immediately filed a claim on behalf of her clients.   Caruthers was able to negotiate a settlement of $20,000 for the woman and $30,000 for the man, a total settlement of $50,000 for the couple.

  • Matt Sauter Earns $50,000 Car Accident Settlement for Client Hit by Uninsured Motorist

    matt sauterA client of the Sauter Sullivan law firm was involved in a car accident caused by an uninsured motorist.  The client had an insurance policy that offered $25,000 in uninsured motorist coverage; however the client owned two vehicles.  Matt Sauter was able to get the insurance company to agree to stack the coverage, and the client was awarded $50,000.

  • $44,000 Settlement for Family Involved in Hit and Run Car Accident

    hit and runA mother and her two children were involved in a head-on collision with a driver that fled the scene of the car accident in north St. Louis County.  All three victims suffered from neck and back strains and sprain injuries, and the younger son also had complaints of headaches and was diagnosed with post-accident concussions.  In addition to the injuries, the mother’s vehicle was un-drivable and was rendered a total loss from the crash.  Unfortunately, the value of the vehicle was less than the outstanding loan balance and the substantial negotiations were needed to resolve the total loss claim.  In the meantime, the medical bills were piling up and the family had transportation problems getting to and from work and school since they were without their car.  The mother went to Carolyn Caruthers at Sauter Sullivan for help.  Caruthers fought with the insurance company, worked out the issues with the property damage total loss claim, and reached settlements on all three injury claims.   Carolyn was able negotiate $10,000 for the vehicle replacement along with and compensation totaling $44,000 for the family’s injury claims from the hit and run. 

  • Other Lawyer Fails. Sauter Sullivan Gets Car Accident Victim $40,000 Settlement

    other lawyer failsA housekeeper and mother was injured in April 2014 when she was involved in a car accident in North County St. Louis.  She was driving on the inside lane on Natural Bridge when a driver of a U-Haul trailer improperly changed lanes and struck her vehicle on the passenger side.  The woman suffered from neck, back and left side sprains and complained of headaches.  She went to the ER for treatment and accrued substantial bills for diagnostic testing; she also required some minimal follow-up chiropractic treatment.

    The driver of the U-Haul initially tried to deny liability of the accident and stated that the mother came around him while he was trying to make a turn and that caused the collision. The woman’s car was un-drivable and ruled a total loss.  Not sure what to do, she sought legal representation with another law firm.  After two months, the attorney she was working with still wasn’t able to resolve her property damage claim and didn’t even have the claim set up with the correct insurance company.  Frustrated, she decided to go to Sauter Sullivan for help.  Carolyn Caruthers listened to the woman’s story, took her case, and went to bat for her client.   Despite starting from square one with the correct insurance company and having to fight to ensure liability was placed on the other driver, Caruthers settled the property damage claim within a few weeks, and then  settled the injury claim within a few months after that.   Caruthers negotiated settlements totaling $40,000 for her client, a great result for a soft tissue sprain/strain injury.  If you are ever in a situation where the other lawyer fails, call us, we may be able to help.

  • $38,000 for Woman Injured in a Multiple Vehicle Collision

    Michael Knepper of Sauter Sullivan LLC represented a 40 year old office worker who was involved in a multiple vehicle collision in August omultiple vehicle collisionf 2013.  The client was driving when traffic slowed and she was unable to stop in time and rear-ended the vehicle in front of her.  The collision caused little damage to the vehicles.   Moments later, while the woman was still in her car, the vehicle behind her rear-ended the back of her car, causing a much more severe collision.  The client suffered from a neck injury and bulging disks from the impact of the other car and required chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and epidural steroid injections in her neck.   Knepper and his team investigated the circumstances of the multiple vehicle collision, and in spite of the fact that his client caused the first accident; he was able to negotiate a settlement of $38,000 for his client.

  • FAST RESULTS: $25,000 Policy Limit Settlement for Rear-End Collision Causing an Eye Injury to a 6 Year Old Girl

    policy limit settlementA 6-year-old girl was in the back seat of her mother’s vehicle when they were involved in a rear-end collision on Skinker Blvd in St. Louis City.  The little girl’s seat belt pulled loose upon impact and the girl was thrown forward into the console of the front seat where she was struck in the face by the front seat airbag.  The little girl was taken to the hospital suffering a serious eye injury.  Due to increased pressure in her eye, emergency surgery was performed.  The young victim still has no vision in her left eye, and additional surgery may be required, but her visual impairment could be permanent.  The driver who caused the accident did not have any insurance, so Carolyn Caruthers investigated and located a policy providing uninsured motorist coverage to the girl.  Caruthers filed a claim on behalf of her client against the uninsured motorist coverage under her grandmother’s policy, as the little girl was a resident relative.  Within weeks of the accident and injury, Carolyn negotiated a policy limit settlement of $25,000 for her client.

  • FAST RESULTS: $25,000 Settlement for a One Vehicle Collision

    one vehicle collisionA 23- year old man was driving in downtown St. Louis when a vehicle coming at him from the opposite direction crossed into his lane.   The man swerved and avoided the head-on collision but ended up driving onto a sidewalk, hitting a sign and ultimately running into a brick building in a one vehicle collision.  The impact caused him to hit is head and lose consciousness.    The other driver that crossed into his lane was never identified.   Fortunately, someone at the scene called 911.  EMS arrived, got him out of his damaged vehicle and took him to the ER.   Luckily he did not sustain a head-injury despite his loss of consciousness, but he did suffer contusions and lacerations to his face, including a deep cut to his lip that required stitches.  Various scans and x-rays were performed but were all negative, so fortunately, the abrasions and lacerations were the only injuries he sustained.  He didn’t require any follow-up treatment but the bills from EMS and the ER were very substantial.   The man was very nervous about the medical bills coming in, and given the fact the other driver was never identified, he wasn’t sure what to do.   Months after the accident, his mother referred him to Carolyn Caruthers, who took his case and filed an uninsured motorist claim with his insurance company.   Carolyn was able to set up a recorded interview and ultimately convinced the man’s insurance company that a phantom vehicle that left the scene was the cause of the accident.   Within 90 days of taking the case Carolyn got the insurance company to agree to pay a settlement of $25,000 in uninsured motorist coverage, and she was also able to get his medical bills submitted through his health insurance to help defray the costs.  This was a great relief to her client because his medical bills actually exceeded the amount of his uninsured motorist coverage in the one vehicle collision.

  • Fast Settlement of $25,000 in Car Accident Caused By Uninsured Motorist

    Afast settlement 25 year old landscaper was traveling in the far right lane on Highway 270 in St. Louis in May of 2014 when another driver attempting to merge onto the highway came into his lane causing a severe car accident.  The landscaper’s airbags deployed causing his rear view mirror to shatter and cut his face near his eye; the eye injury required medical attention and a number of stitches.  He also suffered from neck and back sprains and strains. The other driver, who was uninsured, claimed the landscaper caused the accident and filed a lawsuit against him.  Looking for help, the landscaper came to Sauter Sullivan law firm where Carolyn Caruthers took the case.  She fought the false allegations against him and filed suit against the other driver.  The client incurred medical bills from his injuries, lost wages from being unable to return to the physical demands of landscaping for several months, and had permanent scarring to his face.  Caruthers was able to prove that the accident was completely the other driver’s fault and with a fast settlement.  Within 2-3 months she finalized negotiations for a $25,000 settlement, the maximum his policy allowed for uninsured motorist coverage.

  • $25,000 Settlement for Woman Rear-Ended That Caused Whiplash

    rear-endedA 50 year old career woman was rear-ended in her vehicle off Berry Road in Webster Groves, Missouri.  The insurance company was skeptical of her medical claims due to the minor impact of the collision and minimal visible damage to the woman’s car.  The crash was severe enough to cause her body to jerk forward and backward upon impact, causing sprains and strains to her neck and back…classic whiplash injuries.  She required treatment for over 9 months including care from the ER, her primary doctor, a chiropractor and physical therapist before the symptoms were resolved. Sauter Sullivan assisted the client with locating necessary medical treatment, worked with the medical insurance company to get a favorable reduction in bills owed for medical treatment, and overcame the auto insurance company’s arguments of low speed or low velocity impact.  Carolyn Caruthers persuaded the insurance company to overcome their skepticism of injuries caused by a “minor impact” and negotiated a full policy limits settlement of $25,000 for her client.

  • FAST RESULTS: $23,000 for Head-On Collision with an Uninsured Driver

    head on collisionA banker in her early 30’s was driving in Downtown St. Louis in March of 2016 when another driver ran a red light, causing a head-on collision.   The impact caused the airbag to deploy and the woman was thrown back and forth and side to side in her vehicle.  She suffered from neck and back pain immediately but refused medical treatment on the scene because she didn’t have health insurance and was afraid of the incurring medical bills.   A few days later, after suffering from headaches and increased pain she went to the ER where they advised her she had a pinched nerve. Already afraid of the medical bills from her ER visit she tried to manage her pain herself with over the counter medication, but the pain was so severe some days that she missed work; she was in a great deal of pain for several months.   The driver who hit her did not have car insurance, so she called Sauter Sullivan. Carolyn Caruthers met with the woman and they filed a claim with her own insurance company for uninsured motorist coverage. Ms Caruthers helped her client get the medical treatment she needed to relieve her pinched nerve, and within three months of taking the case, she negotiated an insurance company settlement of $23,000 for her client, which covered her medical bills and left her with over $15,000 of compensation for her injury in the head-on collision.

  • $23,000 Settlement for Woman Involved in Car Accident in St. Clair County, IL

    In December of 2013 a client of Michael Knepper of the Sauter Sullivan law firm was involved in a car accident.   The client, a 47 year old woman, was driving in St. Clair County, IL on a four lane road when another driver turned onto the wrong side of the divided road.  She couldn’t stop  in time and struck the other vehicle that turned into her lane.  She suffered injuries to her head, neck, and back including a disc protrusion.  She had to go the emergency room after the car crash, and had to undergo chiropractic treatment.  Knepper filed a claim with the other driver’s insurance company and was able to negotiate a settlement of $23,000 for his client.

  • $21,000 Settlement for Mother of Two Involved in a Car Accident with a False Police Report

    A woman traveling south bound on Route 3 in St. Clair County, Illinois, stopped at a red light at the intersection of Camp Jackson Road, and waited to turn left.  After getting a green left turn arrow, she started into the intersection.  As she did so, another driver traveling north bound ran a red light and crashed into her vehicle.   The woman was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, and her car was totaled.  She suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck, back and both knees, experienced headaches, and required chiropractic treatment after the accident.   The police officer who investigated the car accident blamed the accident on the woman without actually getting a statement from her.  The officer sided with the other driver from the beginning and used a statement from a witness to justify the findings in the police report.  Medical bills were coming in, the woman’s car was totaled and the insurance company was denying her claim.   Desperate for help, this mother of two came to Chris Geldmacher at Sauter Sullivan.  Chris contacted the witness cited in the police report, and found out that the statement attributed to the witness in the police report was incorrect.  Mr. Geldmacher took a statement from the witness that was recorded in which the witness explained that the police report was false and that Mr. Geldmacher’s client was not at fault.   He also located a second, independent witness who corroborated his client’s story.  After fighting with the insurance company and ultimately filing suit against them, Mr. Geldmacher convinced the insurance company that the police report was wrong and that its insured was at fault.  In the end, Mr. Geldmacher worked out a $21,000 settlement on behalf of his client.

  • $19,000 Settlement for Rear-End Collision After Dropped by Another Firm

    rear-end collisionA mother in her mid 30’s suffered whiplash when she was in a rear-end collision on Riverview Blvd in the City of St. Louis.  She was rushed to the hospital after the accident because she had just been released from hospitalization days earlier after suffering a pulmonary embolism.  The woman incurred a large amount of medical expenses from the ER and follow up visits to a chiropractor to treat her ongoing pain and stiffness.  She was left hopeless after her prior attorney had dropped the claim, advising her not to proceed because the impact wasn’t hard enough to justify a whiplash claim, and she didn’t have insurance on her vehicle.  10 months after the accident she was referred to Sauter Sullivan attorney, Carolyn Caruthers, who helped her reach a settlement for $19,000 within a few short months of taking the rear-end collision claim.

  • FAST RESULTS!: $15,000 Plus Medical Bills For Car Accident on Clarkson Road

    A client of Matthew Sauter of the Sauter Sullivan law firm was injured in a car accident while driving on Clarkson Road in St. Louis.  Another driver crossed over the median and struck her vehicle, causing her injuries including chest contusions and neck sprain.  She was held at the emergency room overnight, and was left with a substantial emergency room bill; she also needed and received therapy for her injuries after the car crash.  Because his client was stuck with all those big medical bills from an accident that wasn’t her fault, Matt fought hard to reach a fair settlement.  Less than 2 months after she client completed medical treatment, Sauter’s client was awarded a settlement that paid all her medical bills plus over $15,000 additional cash.

  • $15,000 Settlement Awarded in Accident on a School Bus

    accident on a school busA 17 year old student was injured in a accident on a school bus when the bus he was riding in was cut off by a car, causing the bus to runoff the road and hit a tree.  The impact of the bus accident threw the student from his seat and he suffered from neck and back strains which required medical attention.

    Prior to obtaining legal counsel, the school bus and their insurance company offered the student a mere $5,000, which wouldn’t even cover all the medical expenses accrued from the accident on a school bus.   Carolyn Caruthers of the Sauter Sullivan law firm took the case and quickly went to bat for her client.   After some investigation, the Sauter Sullivan team was able to both re-negotiate the claim with the bus’ insurance carrier and was also able to locate additional insurance coverage and ended up getting her client  a settlement of $15,000, three times the insurance company’s offer made prior to retaining counsel.

  • FAST RESULTS!: Car Accident Settlement Takes Less than 30 Days to Finalize

    Two individuals were traveling on Interstate 170 when a vehicle veered into their lane and hit them.  Both of the car accident victims required medical attention and were taken by ambulance to the emergency room.  Matthew Sauter of the Sauter Sullivan law firm took the case and negotiated on behalf of both of his clients.  Although neither of the victims’ injuries were extremely serious or life threatening, the nature of their injuries affected their ability to work for a few weeks causing them monetary loss due to the accident.  Each client required and received chiropractic care for their injuries. Matthew Sauter achieved fast results!  Within 30 days of completing their medical treatment, both clients in this personal injury case received fair monetary compensation for their injuries and had all their medical bills covered.

  • $14,000 Quick Settlement for Personal Injury on Metro Bi-State Bus Accident

    bus accidentA disabled gentleman in his mid 50s suffered neck, back, and shoulder sprains after being involved in a Metro/Bi-State bus accident in the city of St Louis.  While he was riding as the sole passenger on the bus, the driver attempted to make a turn too fast on icy and slick road conditions. The bus driver lost control and, over corrected and struck 3 parked cars on the opposite side of the road, then slid back across both lanes, and finally stopped going through a fence.  The multiple collisions and wild jarring’s of the bus threw the disabled gentleman from his seat onto the floor, injuring his right shoulder and neck, and spraining his back.  Immense pain hit instantly, compounded by the fact that the disabled gentleman recently underwent surgery on his right shoulder due to a rare blood disease. The disabled man was taken to the ER, and had a series of medical treatments including follow up with his surgeon from prior shoulder surgery, and a chiropractor.  The gentleman found the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm, where Carolyn Caruthers set up a claim with Metro Bi-State and quickly negotiated a favorable settlement for $14,000, an amount well over the cost of his medical bills from the bus accident.

  • FAST RESULTS!: Motorist On A Cell Phone Causes Car Crash; Sauter Sullivan Client Quickly Awarded Over $10,000 Plus Medical Expenses

    motorist on cell phoneA motorist on a cell phone rear ended a woman’s car, injuring the victim’s neck and causing a concussion.  The injured woman required physical therapy after she was released from the hospital.   She contacted the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm for help and Matthew Sauter took the case.  Sauter got a fair settlement on her behalf  less than 30 days after she completed medical treatment. She was awarded over $10,000 plus all her medical expenses.

  • FAST RESULTS!: $7,600 Plus Medical Expenses Awarded in Car Accident Caused By Motorist On Cell Phone

    A client of cell phoneCarolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm, a 22 year old medical student, was injured in a car accident in downtown St. Louis.  She was driving through a green light when another vehicle ran a red light and struck her.  The other driver was using her cell phone at the time, and was obviously distracted.  Caruthers’ client suffered from knee pain and some minor cuts and bruises from the accident, causing her to see her primary care doctor and an orthopedic knee specialist.  Fortunately her injuries weren’t overly serious or ongoing, but she did incur medical costs as a result of the accident.  Caruthers fought with the insurance companies and reached a quick settlement that awarded her client $7600 in addition to covering all her medical bills and out of pocket expenses.