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slip and fall attorney St. LouisSlip and Fall Injuries occur out of the blue, when you least expect it, sometimes causing medical expenses and lost wages and earnings now and into the future. If you were injured in a Slip and Fall incident at a place of business or other public space, and if the party responsible for the property failed to prevent the hazardous situation that resulted in your injury, you may have a right to recover damages to help you through your pain and suffering (see Premises Liability). The Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan understand the law regarding the safety issues that prevent and protect against slip and fall injuries, and they know how to get to the truth about how such injuries occur.

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  • $300,000 Slip and Fall Settlement for Contractor Injured at a Customer’s Home

    In March 2019, a contractor finished a job at a person’s home and prepared to draw up the final invoice for the work.  He sat down in a chair on the owner’s back patio to do the paperwork, and the chair collapsed, causing him to fall straight down onto his tailbone.

    He was in pain from his injuries, so he went to see a chiropractor, who quickly recognized the possibility of disc problems and sent him for MRIs of the neck and lower back.  The MRIs showed he suffered disc injuries, and he was referred to a surgeon.  The surgeon advised the contractor that he would eventually require surgeries on his neck and lower back, but the client decided to delay surgery as long as possible.

    Christopher Geldmacher at the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm made a claim on behalf of his client with the homeowner’s insurance of the property owner.  The homeowner’s insurance company initially did not want to pay the contractor a fair amount for his injuries.  So, Mr. Geldmacher filed a lawsuit for his client.   After getting into the litigation, but before the case got to trial, the insurance company agree to paid the full policy limits available of $300,000.

  • Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accident Gets Fast Settlement of $210,000

    A client of Christopher Geldmacher of the Sauter Sullivan law firm was injured in a slip and fall accident while exiting a grocery store in North St. Louis County. The injured client was an elderly woman who required a walker to get around.  She was exiting the store with her walker when her foot caught on a raised, uneven edge where asphalt met the crosswalk on the store’s parking lot.  This portion of the sidewalk should have been flush with the street, but the uneven edge caused her to fall forward, landing on her side and sending her walker flying.   She was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and it was determined she had suffered a hip fracture that required surgery.  Permanent plates and screws were required to repair the injured hip, and the client was hospitalized for several days before being moved to a separate rehabilitation hospital.  She received physical therapy for a month in the rehab center before she was moved to a nursing home.   It was another month before the client was finally released to go home.  As a result of her injuries from the slip and fall, she now has even more difficulty getting around, even after going through the surgery and extensive therapy.

    Chris Geldmacher filed a claim against the company responsible for maintaining the sidewalks and parking lot of the grocery store and fought to get the compensation his client deserved.   Within 4 months of completion of treatment, Mr. Geldmacher got the responsible party to agree to a settlement of $210,000.

  • $140,000 Settlement for Working Mom Injured in Slip and Fall at Event Venue

    A 29 year old bookkeeper, wife and Mom came to Sauter Sullivan after she suffered personal injury in a slip and fall incident at a party that was being held at a hall that hosted events and parties. A bartender, who was an employee of the facility, asked the woman to watch the bar while he left to use the restroom.


  • Permanent Injury in Worker’s Compensation Case Results in $117,500 Settlement

    A social worker in Belleville, Illinois suffered personal injury in her employer’s parking lot while exiting a company vehicle. There was debris on the parking lot that should have been cleaned up and removed in a timely fashion, and this debris caused her to slip and fall on the parking lot, seriously injuring and fracturing her foot. The injury was so significant, the social worker was unable to work for two years after the incident, and had to endure multiple surgeries. In spite of the surgeries, the foot injury caused ongoing pain and difficulty walking. Permanent restrictions prevented the woman from returning to her previous job, although the employer offered her a less strenuous position. To make matters more complicated, the woman had broken a bone in the same foot a couple years prior to the on-the-job injury. The woman contacted Michael Knepper of the Sauter Sullivan law firm, who took on her workers’ compensation case. Knepper filed a claim on behalf of the client, and negotiated for a settlement based on the woman’s estimated future lost earning power, rather than on an injury specific to her foot, which would have been much lower under Illinois law. In the end, Knepper negotiated a $117,500 settlement as compensation for the client’s permanent injury.

  • Restaurant Slip & Fall Injury Yields $63,500 Settlement in Premises Liability Case

    Carolyn Caruthers, a personal injury attorney with the Sauter Sullivan law firm, took on a premises liability case for a client who was injured in a slip and fall accident at a restaurant in St. Charles, Missouri. The client was a young man in his mid-20’s, who was carrying his 2 year old in his arms as he entered a restaurant.


  • $60,000 Settlement for Woman Injured in Slip and Fall at Fast Food Restaurant

    In August 2007, a woman came to Sauter Sullivan attorney Christopher Geldmacher after she suffered a personal injury when she slipped and fell in a fast food restaurant parking lot.  It had started raining outside while the woman was in the restaurant, and, when she exited building, she was forced to walk along a very steep area of the parking lot to get to her car.  Because of the rain and the slope of the hill, the woman’s foot slipped and she fell directly onto her knee.   Doctors confirmed that she suffered a torn meniscus in her knee.  The knee injury required surgery, and although she got the surgery she needed, her knee was never the same.

    Mr. Geldmacher, a personal injury attorney and partner at Sauter Sullivan, took her case and conducted an investigation of the restaurant’s parking lot.  At first glance, the portion of the parking lot where the woman fell appeared to have a slope which was steeper than County Code allowed.  Mr. Geldmacher ordered a survey of the property and the parking lot.  The survey crew hired by Mr. Geldmacher found that the slope of the portion of the parking lot where the client fell was 2.5 times the maximum grade allowed by the County Code.  Once this was confirmed, the owner of the restaurant had no choice but to acknowledge the woman’s claim.  Mr. Geldmacher negotiated a settlement of $60,000 for his client!

  • $50,000 to Laborer Injured in Slip & Fall Accident in Leaky Hospital Rest Room

    A 54 year old laborer came to the Sauter Sullivan law firm with a premises liability case that involved personal injury. The man had significantly injured his knee in a slip and fall accident caused by a puddle of water on the floor of a rest room in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

    The leak and water problem had been reported to the hospital prior to the client’s fall, but the hospital had failed to post a warning of the danger, and had not cleaned up the water or repaired the leak. The man did not have insurance to cover the medical expenses associated with his injury, and thus was unable to get medical treatment. He went almost 6 months after the slip and fall incident without getting proper medical treatment. The pain became too much to bear, and he finally sought the help of Carolyn Caruthers, one of the personal injury attorneys at Sauter Sullivan. Caruthers helped the client set up a claim to get the necessary medical treatment, at which time his injury was finally diagnosed as a torn meniscus, and he underwent surgery to treat the problem. He also required ongoing post-operative treatments and physical therapy, all the while adding to his medical expenses. Sauter Sullivan helped the client get the necessary medical treatment, and negotiated a $50,000 settlement on the premises liability claim with the hospital where the fall occurred.

  • $15,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident in St. Louis Hospital

    slip and fall accidentIn September 2012, a young woman on disability due to congestive heart failure and other medical problems was at a local St. Louis Hospital undergoing treatment.  During her stay at the hospital, she had a slip and fall accident caused by some water on the floor in the hallway.  The fall caused the woman head and leg pain which was treated at the ER and required followed up chiropractic treatment.   She incurred medical bills and expenses from her fall.  She initially set up a claim with the hospital on her own and her claim was denied as the hospital did not believe they were responsible for her fall or injuries.    Not sure what to do, she came to Carolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm looking for help.  Carolyn took her case and immediately filed suit against the hospital. Carolyn was able to work with the legal team on behalf of the hospital, get them to accept liability and negotiated an early settlement of $15,000 for her client, without having to proceed with extensive litigation, depositions and trial.    

  • FAST RESULTS!: Settlement in Slip and Fall Accident Completed in Under a Month

    under-a-monthA man was shopping at an Aldi’s grocery store and had a slip and fall accident caused by some water which had been spilled on the floor.    The force of the fall caused him to strain his neck, and he was taken by ambulance to a local emergency room.  His injury required follow-up treatment with a chiropractor, and he did not have health insurance to cover the costs.   He contacted the Sauter Sullivan law firm and Matthew Sauter took the case.  Matt quickly investigated the circumstances of the accident and discovered that a customer had caused the water spill on the floor and that Aldi’s had failed to clean it up in a timely fashion.  Under a month after his client completed his medical treatment, Sauter negotiated a settlement with Aldi’s insurance company; his client received a substantial sum of money to compensate him for his injuries, and all his medical bills were covered.

  • Fast Settlement of Workers’ Compensation Claim for School District Employee Who Slipped and Fell on the Job

    on the jobA school district employee injured her back and neck on the job at McCluer North High School.  The woman was walking outside of the school to retrieve some equipment.  The path on the school grounds was icy and she lost her footing, causing her to slip and fall to the ground.  The school district sent her originally to an occupational health clinic for treatment of her injuries, but she was eventually referred to an orthopedic specialist and given physical therapy.  The woman hired  Sauter Sullivan to make sure that she received the proper settlement at the conclusion of her claim.  Christopher Geldmacher took her case, and filed a claim on her behalf.  In just over two months after completion of her treatment, Mr. Geldmacher was able to negotiate a settlement of over $13,000 for his client!