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Sauter Sullivan: Personal Injury and Business Litigation Lawyers in St. Louis Missouri and Illinois

The law firm of Sauter Sullivan has been proudly serving people and representing their interests in court since 2001.  The firm specializes in Personal Injury and Business Litigation, serving clients in state and federal courts in Missouri and Illinois, and throughout the United States.  The founding principals of the firm, Matthew Sauter and Kevin Sullivan, have been practicing law since 1994, providing the highest quality legal services to each and every person seeking their counsel.  Chris Geldmacher, who has been successfully practicing Personal Injury Law since 1998, was made a partner in the firm in 2012. Carolyn Caruthers graduated from St. Louis University Law School in 2003, joined the firm in 2005, and was made a partner in 2016. Our newest team member, Michael Knepper, has been an attorney since 2007, and joined the firm in 2011. The partners and each attorney with the firm is an experienced professional, working closely with clients ranging from ordinary people and small businesses, to powerful individuals and corporations.

Lawyers in St. Louis Missouri and IllinoisHonest and hard working, we insist on integrity in everything we do. The firm prides itself on being small enough to give you the intimate business relationship you deserve, and large enough to exert the power to ensure justice is served. Personalized attention means you and your case won’t fall through the cracks and languish unattended in the legal system. We do everything possible to keep cases moving in as timely and expedient a manner as possible. Whether you’re an individual, a partnering law firm or a big corporate client, you can count on the attorneys at Sauter Sullivan to always treat you with the respect and attention you deserve.

Sauter Sullivan is a strong and experienced team of successful St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys. We have an extensive knowledge of the law and the depth of resources to consistently give our clients positive results. Our jury trial and courtroom experience is unparalleled in our community; we are in the courts virtually every day representing the rights and interests of our clients.

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