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Michael Knepper is an associate at Sauter Sullivan. Mike is admitted to practice in Missouri, Illinois, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, and U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit.

Mr. Knepper graduated from Culver Stockton College in 2003 with a B.A. in History and Political Science. He graduated from Saint Louis University Law School, receiving his J.D. in 2007. His areas of practice include:

Personal Injury   Products Liability   Workers Compensation

Business Litigation   Medical Malpractice   Insurance Disputes

Wrongful Death   Premises Liability

Articles related to Michael Knepper:

  • Over $230,000 in Worker’s Compensation Settlement for a Truck Driver

    missouri-truck-driverA Missouri truck driver was involved in an accident while he was on-the-job driving on I-57 in Illinois.  Two people ultimately died from the accident, and the man sustained injuries to his knees, suffered from post-traumatic stress and was unable to return to his job as a Missouri truck driver.   Michael Knepper of Sauter Sullivan took his case and filed a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of his client.  The Sauter Sullivan team was able to identify the advantages of filing a claim in Illinois for this particular type of injury, rather than in Missouri.  Mike fought hard for his client and was able to get the trucking company he worked for to agree to pay him weekly benefits while he trained for a new career in a different line of work, and pay a settlement to compensate him for the loss of earnings due to the fact that he was unable to return to his job. Although the majority of the client’s injuries were psychological, including chronic stress and anxiety, Mr. Knepper was able to obtain over $230,000 for his client, some of which were the weekly benefits the client was paid while he trained for a new career.

  • Permanent Injury in Worker’s Compensation Case Results in $117,500 Settlement

    A social worker in Belleville, Illinois suffered personal injury in her employer’s parking lot while exiting a company vehicle. There was debris on the parking lot that should have been cleaned up and removed in a timely fashion, and this debris caused her to slip and fall on the parking lot, seriously injuring and fracturing her foot. The injury was so significant, the social worker was unable to work for two years after the incident, and had to endure multiple surgeries. In spite of the surgeries, the foot injury caused ongoing pain and difficulty walking. Permanent restrictions prevented the woman from returning to her previous job, although the employer offered her a less strenuous position. To make matters more complicated, the woman had broken a bone in the same foot a couple years prior to the on-the-job injury. The woman contacted Michael Knepper of the Sauter Sullivan law firm, who took on her workers’ compensation case. Knepper filed a claim on behalf of the client, and negotiated for a settlement based on the woman’s estimated future lost earning power, rather than on an injury specific to her foot, which would have been much lower under Illinois law. In the end, Knepper negotiated a $117,500 settlement as compensation for the client’s permanent injury.

  • $38,000 for Woman Injured in a Multiple Vehicle Collision

    Michael Knepper of Sauter Sullivan LLC represented a 40 year old office worker who was involved in a multiple vehicle collision in August omultiple vehicle collisionf 2013.  The client was driving when traffic slowed and she was unable to stop in time and rear-ended the vehicle in front of her.  The collision caused little damage to the vehicles.   Moments later, while the woman was still in her car, the vehicle behind her rear-ended the back of her car, causing a much more severe collision.  The client suffered from a neck injury and bulging disks from the impact of the other car and required chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and epidural steroid injections in her neck.   Knepper and his team investigated the circumstances of the multiple vehicle collision, and in spite of the fact that his client caused the first accident; he was able to negotiate a settlement of $38,000 for his client.

  • $23,000 Settlement for Woman Involved in Car Accident in St. Clair County, IL

    In December of 2013 a client of Michael Knepper of the Sauter Sullivan law firm was involved in a car accident.   The client, a 47 year old woman, was driving in St. Clair County, IL on a four lane road when another driver turned onto the wrong side of the divided road.  She couldn’t stop  in time and struck the other vehicle that turned into her lane.  She suffered injuries to her head, neck, and back including a disc protrusion.  She had to go the emergency room after the car crash, and had to undergo chiropractic treatment.  Knepper filed a claim with the other driver’s insurance company and was able to negotiate a settlement of $23,000 for his client.

  • $10,700 Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Corrections Officer

    workers' compensationIn May of 2013, a St. Louis corrections officer was attempting to restrain an inmate at the municipal jail when she was thrown on the floor.  The corrections officer was placed on light duty for several weeks and had to undergo physical therapy for her injuries.   The woman went to the Sauter Sullivan law firm for help, and attorney Michael Knepper took the case and filed a Workers’ Compensation claim on behalf of his client.  Within 6 months, Mr. Knepper was able to negotiate a settlement of $10,700 for his client.