Sauter Sullivan:  Personal Injury Attorneys and Business Litigation Attorneys in St. Louis Missouri and Illinois

People We ServeThe Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan help real, everyday people who, through no fault of their own, have been injured or suffered injustice because of someone else’s actions or negligence.  We help people whose lives have changed for the worse in an instant due to accidents, or through circumstances and conditions present over time that contributed to their debilitation, handicap, disability, illness or even death.  Sometimes they themselves were the victims, and sometimes it was a family member or someone they loved and depended on.  People count on us to help them get fair compensation for what they have lost.

Rich or poor, young or old, powerful or weak, it doesn’t matter in legal matters in America.  Regardless of your position in life, if you’ve been legally wronged and suffered or lost because of it, we will help you through the process of litigation.  The legal system and courts of the United States are the only places where everyday Americans, the real people just like you, can get a fair shake no matter who they are.  Even the most humble people of modest means have a right to expect that justice will prevail, and it doesn’t matter if your fight is against an ordinary person, a powerful individual, a small business, a giant corporation, or even against the government itself.  That’s the most wonderful thing about our great nation.  You don’t have to be wealthy to be treated fairly by the justice system, you just need the truth on your side.


You’re worried, even scared about the future.  Maybe you can’t work for now, and maybe you’ll never be able to work again, or your job skills are useless now, all because this has happened to you.  The bills are piling up and the collectors are calling, the medical expenses are huge already and they might keep coming until the day you die.  You’ve lost your ability to make a good honest living, or you’ve lost a loved one who provided for you.  Your illness, disease, disability or injury has changed your life, maybe forever, causing you pain and suffering.  You say to yourself, “This has happened to me, now what am I going to do?  I need help!”


Speak to one of our Personal Injury Attorneys for free.  Tell us what has happened to you or your loved one, and how it has affected your life.  We’ll consult with you so you understand your legal rights regarding your situation.  Sometimes we’ll find it’s just an act of God, and no one is to blame for your misfortune, and the legal system can’t help you.  But sometimes a person, product, company or organization is partially or fully responsible for what happened to you.  They did something they shouldn’t have, or they were negligent and didn’t do something they should have.  When that happens, you have a right to seek justice, to hold them responsible for what you have lost, to make things right.  If the facts and the law are on your side and you have a case, Sauter Sullivan will help you.

Contact Us for a free consultation with one of our experienced Lawyers.  There’s no obligation, and we take many cases on a contingency basis, where you’ll pay us no legal fees unless we win your case.