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Truck Accident Attorney St LouisIf you’ve been in a Semi Truck Accident, 18-Wheeler Truck Accident, or any other type of Truck Accident, you should consider contacting a St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer, especially if you’ve been injured. The Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan are experienced, skilled experts at handling the special issues associated with truck accidents.

Because of their size, Large Truck Accidents often cause greater damage and more severe injuries than accidents between passenger vehicles. Truck accidents are also more likely to cause immediate death or fatal injuries. Because of this, trucking companies are held to a high level of responsibility for maintaining their trucks, and strict rules apply to the training and oversight of their truck drivers. Federal and state regulations specifically protect innocent drivers who are involved in truck accidents involving trucking companies who are negligent in their responsibilities.

Commercial trucking regulations include limitations on Hours of Service, or the number of hours drivers can stay on the road in a given day or week. Drugs and Alcohol Testing is required as a condition of employment and in the hours immediately following any accident. Strict regulations govern Truck Maintenance and Safety to ensure truck mechanics are fully functional and operating safely. Driver Requirements mandate regular personal inspections that must be recorded to ensure all equipment is safe and in good working order. Drivers must have knowledge of truck mechanics and their operation. Truck companies must also have Commercial Insurance or well-funded self-insurance to sufficiently cover their post-accident obligations without risk of bankruptcy or an inability to pay.

The Truck Accident Attorneys of Sauter Sullivan in St. Louis understand the details of federal commercial trucking regulations, as well as the complex details of commercial motor vehicle law. The experts lawyers at Sauter Sullivan in St. Louis have extensive experience and knowledge dealing with large truck accidents, and they can help you.

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  • $700,000 Settlement on Trucking Accident Case

    Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan represented an individual whose vehicle was hit by a tractor-trailer exiting a parking lot in St. Louis County, Missouri.  Investigating police offices initially partially blamed the accident on our client.  Our client had pre-existing degenerative conditions in his neck and back.  Subsequent to the accident, our client underwent spine fusion surgery.  The trucking company disputed liability and took the position that our client’s injuries were the result of the degenerative condition and not the accident.  After filing suit, hiring multiple experts, and take multiple depositions, Matthew Sauter was able to achieve a settlement of $700,000 shortly before trial.

  • $450,000 Settlement for Truck Driver Hit While Changing Tire

    A young, recently married couple from a small town in Southern Illinois was faced with uncertainty after the husband was involved in a terrible truck accident. The husband drives a truck for a living, and was travelling on Highway 57 near Effingham, Illinois, when he had a tire blow out on his tractor-trailer. He put on his flashers and pulled his truck completely off the highway on to the shoulder.


  • Sauter Sullivan Won $450,000 Truck Accident Case in Federal Court

    sauter sullivan wonA truck accident / auto accident  that happened in the City of St. Louis, Missouri, seriously injured a Sauter Sullivan client. The truck T-Boned the client’s car at an intersection, and the client injured her neck and back. After a long course of treatment, the plaintiff had to have neck surgery. Matt Sauter of the Sauter Sullivan law firm filed a lawsuit for the plaintiff in Federal Court and conducted extensive investigation and dispositions. Matt Sauter of Sauter Sullivan won a $450,000 settlement in the case, so his client recovered enough money to pay her medical expenses plus a substantial sum for her past and future pain and suffering.

  • Shoulder Surgery Settles for $240,000

    Our client was injured by a tractor trailer in an unusual accident at a truck stop. Our client ultimately needed shoulder surgery.  The insurance company for the trucking company initially questioned the claim because of the unusual facts.  Fortunately, our client took pictures at the scene of the accident which helped prove the facts.   After filing a lawsuit, we were able to get a very favorable settlement for our client in the amount of $240,000. This shows the importance of taking pictures with your cell phone or any camera available at the scene of the accident.  It can make or break a case.

  • Over $230,000 in Worker’s Compensation Settlement for a Truck Driver

    missouri-truck-driverA Missouri truck driver was involved in an accident while he was on-the-job driving on I-57 in Illinois.  Two people ultimately died from the accident, and the man sustained injuries to his knees, suffered from post-traumatic stress and was unable to return to his job as a Missouri truck driver.   Michael Knepper of Sauter Sullivan took his case and filed a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of his client.  The Sauter Sullivan team was able to identify the advantages of filing a claim in Illinois for this particular type of injury, rather than in Missouri.  Mike fought hard for his client and was able to get the trucking company he worked for to agree to pay him weekly benefits while he trained for a new career in a different line of work, and pay a settlement to compensate him for the loss of earnings due to the fact that he was unable to return to his job. Although the majority of the client’s injuries were psychological, including chronic stress and anxiety, Mr. Knepper was able to obtain over $230,000 for his client, some of which were the weekly benefits the client was paid while he trained for a new career.

  • Over $175,000 Awarded to Motorcycle Accident Victim

    A man who was injured in a motorcycle accident came to Sauter Sullivan for help. The client was passing a truck on a two-lane road in St. Charles County, Missouri, when a truck made a left hand turn into the client’s motorcycle. The initial police report wrongly blamed the accident on Sauter Sullivan’s client, claiming the client was illegally passing at a “T” intersection. The client sustained significant injuries to his knee and shoulder, and the shoulder injury required operative treatment. Sauter Sullivan conducted its own investigation of the accident and found two witnesses who indicated that the truck had suddenly turned without warning into the client’s path. To make matters worse in this motorcycle and truck accident, the truck did not have insurance, and Sauter Sullivan’s discovery process revealed that the driver of the truck had consumed two beers prior to the accident. With the help of Sauter Sullivan, the client filed an uninsured motorist claim, but nothing was offered on the case. Sauter Sullivan took the case to trial for the client who was ultimately awarded $175,000 in compensation.

  • Shared Fault in Truck-Car Accident Ends in $115,000 Settlement

    A mother in her mid 40’s rear-ended a truck and trailer while driving in the fast lane of Highway 55 in the St. Louis area. She had just changed into the fast lane when the defendant’s truck and trailer came to a complete stop in the fast lane of the highway.

    There were actually 2 trucks from the same company following each other from a job site when they missed their turn off and instead of going to the next exit to turn around, the driver of the front truck decided to make an illegal u-turn by turning into a driveway that was clearly marked for use only by authorized or emergency vehicles. When the first truck slowed to make the illegal u-turn, the truck that was following had to slam on his brakes, coming to a complete stop on the highway. The woman was unable to stop in time and struck the truck. She was significantly injured in the truck accident. She sustained whiplash injuries to her neck and back, as well as injury to her elbow, but the most severe injury was to her left knee which struck the dashboard in the collision. She ended up needing surgery on her knee and lots of physical therapy. She continues to have neck and back problems. The woman knew Kevin Sullivan, and contacted the Sauter Sullivan law firm for help. Carolyn Caruthers was assigned to the case and she fought long and hard for her client. She was ready to take the case to trial but fortunately the defending truck company agreed to a favorable settlement of $115,000 which covered her client’s medical bills, lost wages, therapy and pain and suffering.

  • Truck Accident Victim’s Pain, Emotional Trauma & Anxiety Yields $80,000 Settlement

    A licensed practical nurse in her 50’s was stopped at a traffic light in a line of cars on Greenmount Road in Shiloh, Illinois. The driver of an 18-wheeler semi-truck was not paying attention, looking through his delivery papers as he drove, and slammed into the last vehicle in line at a high rate of speed, causing a multi-car pileup.

    The force of the impact from the truck accident pushed the last vehicle in line into the nurse’s car, which in turn hit the vehicle in front of her. The woman called the personal injury attorneys at Sauter Sullivan for help, and counselor Carolyn Caruthers took on the case. The client suffered physical and emotional injuries in the truck accident, and had ongoing problems with headaches, as well as neck, back and leg pain, even though there was no evidence of any fracture or disc herniation. She missed 2 weeks of work due to the truck crash, and suffered anxiety driving following the collision. Sauter Sullivan negotiated with the trucking company’s insurance carrier and reached an $80,000 settlement for the client.