“I was involved in a head-on collision on my motorcycle after a truck made a left hand turn in front of me in Jefferson County, Missouri.  He was going 55 miles per hour or more, and I’m lucky to be alive.  I was pretty messed up, with lots of road rash, abrasions, a torn rotator cuff…my head, neck, back, leg and even my teeth and gums had injuries.  I was unconscious at the scene and they took me to the hospital by helicopter…believe it or not I was only in there maybe a week or less.  My mother-in-law had used Sauter Sullivan before, and she called them about my accident.  Carolyn Caruthers came to my house a couple days after I got home from the hospital and went over everything we needed to do.  She was quick and efficient, and took all the medical bills that were already starting to pile up.  Her team at the office, Becky and Ashley, did an amazing job…all my bills went to them and they kept track and stayed on top of everything for me…I had bills from over 38 medical providers…and it went on for a year and a half as I recovered.  Carolyn took control of everything and was great.  She’s totally down to earth…she cared about me as a person.  Even if I called her late at night, she’d always get right back to me.  She did everything she was supposed to do and more.  I have sent other clients to her, and I recommend Carolyn Caruthers any time someone might need a personal injury lawyer.”