tracy and becky federhoferCase: Personal Injury, Auto Accidents
Attorney: Christopher Geldmacher
Clients: Tracy & Becky Federhofer

 Tracy – “Over the past four or five years, we have had some bad luck in our family. First it was our uncle who got hit and injured while driving his car. Chris helped get his van repaired and get him compensation for his injuries. Next, I involved in a collision where a guy hit the side of my car really hard. Even worse, my nephew, Becky’s son, was in the car with me. I messed up my back and had to miss work for a while as I was getting treatment for my injuries. Chris was able to get me a fair settlement that covered my medical bills, lost wages, and paid me for the pain and hassle I had to go through. He also got money for Becky’s son for his injuries that she was able to put into a savings account for him. After that, I was involved in a collision while riding with a friend. The person who hit us didn’t have insurance. The accident totally messed up my back again. I didn’t even know that we were going to have a claim since the other driver didn’t have insurance. Thank God for Chris. He found insurance coverage and got me compensated for my injuries again. Finally, I had another accident where my dad was driving. He was at fault, but his insurance company did not want to pay. Chris fought with the insurance company and made them pay an amount which was fair. Mr. Geldmacher really knows his stuff and does what he needs to do to help his clients. He always kept me up to date on the status of my cases. He’s a really good guy. I always tell people to call Chris if they need help.”

Becky – “Chris handled my son’s case, which Tracy told you about, but I had my own accident when I was a passenger in my uncle’s van. We were stopped at a red light at Potomac and South Grand in South St. Louis a gal on a cell phone barreled into the rear of our van. I was 8 months pregnant at the time. I went to the ER because my back was hurting, and because I wanted the baby to be checked out. Turns out the baby was fine, thankfully. Mr. Geldmacher handled the whole thing for me. He had to file a lawsuit, because the insurance company wasn’t offering a fair amount. We settled the case before trial. That little bit of extra money came right at Christmas time, and it was a blessing for my two babies, because I was able to give them the Christmas I wanted them to have. Mr. Geldmacher is a good person and a good lawyer. He’s a sweetheart. He is really polite, and he really cares. I don’t know what I would have done if Chris Geldmacher wasn’t there to fight with the insurance company for me.”