Terry’s testimonial — “I cannot thank Kevin Sullivan enough for all he’s done for me. I admire his skills and talent, and I trust him completely. He did a bang up job for me and my buddy, Bob, when we were both hurt in a horrible truck accident. I was a State Trooper with the Highway Patrol for over 33 years, and a private investigator for many years after that, so I know a thing or two about the law, and Kevin is the best. Here’s what happened. Several years ago, Bob and I were involved in a terrible truck crash that injured us both pretty seriously. We were heading out to go fishing at Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma, and we stopped my pickup truck off the road on a scenic overlook to stretch and take a break. There was a concrete barrier that protected the edge of the overlook from a steep, rocky slope. Bob and I had hopped over that barrier to relieve ourselves, and we had just climbed back onto the parking area when we heard wheels roaring on the “chatter bars” or “rumble strips” on the side of the pavement, you know, those grooves that make noise when you drive on them to wake you up. I looked up and saw a big tractor-trailer barreling down the road toward us out of control. I saw the driver’s head jerk up like he’d been asleep at the wheel and he had that ‘holy moly” look on his face. I bet he was going 50 miles an hour down that steep grade, even though there are signs everywhere warning trucks to slow down for those hills. The truck was a few hundred yards away and heading into the concrete barrier. Bob and I ran for that wall and just as we hopped over it, the truck slid down along that concrete wall and was heading right at us. The truck split apart from the impact and its load of 1800 car tires was flying everywhere. I was halfway over the wall when the tires and debris hit me, and I bounced 100 or more feet down the hill with tires bouncing all over and around me. My buddy had gotten over the wall just before me, and he was pinned and totally covered by tires and pieces of the trailer. The truck ended up smashing into my pickup.

I was bruised and messed up all over but somehow I managed to get up the hill to try and help my friend. I could hear him moaning under the pile of debris and did my best to uncover him. I couldn’t get him out all the way, but I got to where I could see his face buried in sawdust and planting mulch. He wasn’t breathing and I thought he might be dead. I got his head up tried to get the stuff out of his mouth. There was too much junk and debris in the way so I couldn’t get in to do CPR on him, so I pulled his arm back as far as I could, held his head, and punched him in the ribs as hard as I could. I hit him twice while I’m yelling ‘breathe you son of a bitch’. The second time I hit him he spit out the sawdust and started breathing, but just barely. I yelled to someone who had stopped up on the hill and told them to get the highway patrol and tell them to send a helicopter life flight. I held onto Bob until help arrived. The rescue crew took over, and I got to the top of the hill, then fell to the ground. They flew my friend to the hospital by helicopter, and took me in an ambulance.

They checked me out at the hospital and I was sore and hurting all over, but they sent me home with some medicine. I saw my doctor the next day and he took one look at me and immediately sent me to an orthopedic specialist. Turns out I had multiple injuries including black and blue marks up and down the right side of my body, tire marks across my chest, ribcage and back and multiple contusions and swollen areas. I had severe pain in my ribs, chest, back, right hip, left hand and my groin area. It hurt like hell every time I even moved. I couldn’t even wear a brace for my back and other injuries because of all the bruising and swelling and pain, and I had to wait for weeks before I could even start therapy. The doctors found out I had cracked my ribs, which is extremely painful, and all you can do is wait for them to heal. I ended up having surgery on my hand and my hip, and I still have issues with those. And to make matters worse, I started having nightmares, sleeplessness and anxiety as a result of the accident. The doctors put me on anti-depressants and sleep aids, and they said I had the classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. I also had vertigo and dizziness, but that seems to have gone away, and I’ve got Tinnitus now, that annoying ringing in your ears.

But I consider myself pretty lucky to be alive. I’ve still got issues from the accident, more than the everyday aches and pains people talk about for sure, but I’m getting along. I don’t know what I would have done without Kevin Sullivan and the Sauter Sullivan law firm. Kevin filed suit for me against the trucking company and got me a settlement that covered all my medical bills and made them pay for their negligence. And Becky Griffin, a paralegal at his office helped me all along the way, too, with logistics and paperwork and everything. When something got screwed up, Becky unscrewed it. She’s the best. But we had a fight on our hands. That trucking company was totally in the wrong and they didn’t want to settle this thing, and they had some big law firm fighting us…but I tell you what, Kevin used his legal skills on that big law firm and he wowed everybody and made them look bad. He was totally prepared and handled everything with great skill. Even the judge scolded those other lawyers for not settling this thing sooner because they were so obviously in the wrong. Kevin really knows and believes in the law, and I think he is a great American. Amen, Brother!

Kevin also helped my buddy, Bob…when the hospital sent him a bill for $7000 for that helicopter ride, and the trucking company refused to pay it, Kevin got in there and took care of things for Bob, too. My buddy’s doing better now, thank God, but his is another story…