Carolyn Caruthers from the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm is awesome! I was injured in a car accident and I wasn’t the only one at fault. I was driving down the highway and there were two extended cab trucks, one with a trailer, almost completely stopped in the fast lane. These guys in the trucks were trying to make an illegal u-turn right in the middle of the highway by using the cut through lane for police and emergency vehicles! I couldn’t stop fast enough and slammed right into them. My airbags went off and my car spun around and was totaled. I injured my kneecap and had to have surgery on it, and I also hurt my thumb, elbow and a finger pretty badly. My face was bumped up from the airbags, too…it literally broke my sunglasses when they went off. I had whiplash that gave me problems with vertigo for a while after the accident, and lots of physical therapy. And I missed almost 8 weeks of work because of the truck accident. Now I know it was partly my fault, but those guys were at fault, too, because they were doing something illegal and pretty much stopped in the fast lane of the highway. I knew Kevin Sullivan, so we called his office, and he set us up with Carolyn to help us. Carolyn was great! The whole case took almost 2 years to get settled, but she kept me informed all the way through, and explained everything in “people” terms so I could understand it all and know what everything meant. The case never went to court, because a mediator was assigned to work out a deal between the parties. She went to bat for me, and in the end, Carolyn got me a settlement that took care of all my hospital and medical bills, my physical therapy costs, my lost wages and even my pain and suffering. Thank you, Carolyn!”