“My husband, Dave, was seriously injured in a truck accident when his tractor trailer was hit by another tractor-trailer while he was stopped on the shoulder of the highway. There was a fiery crash and Dave was knocked to the pavement and dragged underneath his truck. It’s a miracle he survived. The truck accident left David with herniated disks in his back and some other problems, and he’s going to need back surgery. In spite of his injury and all the pain he’s suffered, the insurance company for the truck that hit him didn’t want to take care of us. We were getting calls from so many parties that wanted statements from us, like his insurance company, the other truck driver’s insurance company and so on, that we didn’t know what to do. We’re a young couple, and I was scared to death about our prospects for the future. What if Dave was hurt so badly that he couldn’t work, and how were we going to pay his medical bills so he could get the care he needed to get better? That’s when we decided we needed an attorney. We were ultimately recommended to Kevin Sullivan at the Sauter Sullivan law firm. That was the best call we could have made. The whole situation was scary, and it put a lot of stress on our marriage, too. But Kevin and his staff took the weight off our shoulders. Kevin and another attorney at their firm, Mike Knepper, were always on top of everything having to do with our case. Kevin and Mike always took the time to explain what was going on and what was going to happen, and they told us why things were the way they were, and that calmed us down and made us feel so much better. Once we talked to Kevin, whenever people called about the accident, we just had to say, ‘talk to our attorney” and Kevin and his people took care of everything. The whole team at Sauter Sullivan did a great job for us, and they got us a settlement that will take care of all of my husband’s medical bills, lost wages and his future surgery and pain and suffering. Kevin and his team were a Godsend for us!”