“I was injured when I was rear ended in a car accident…I think the kid who hit me was texting…and Carolyn Caruthers did a great job helping me with all the insurance paperwork and claims. I had 2 herniated discs from the auto accident, which were extremely painful. I’m a substitute elementary school teacher, and I had a long-term commitment to teach,

and I needed a couple rounds of injections to deal with the pain so I could continue to work. It was tough. My husband and I aren’t “the lawyer type”, and we didn’t even think about contacting a lawyer until the medical expenses started piling up, and we kept hearing doctors telling us to make sure we got all our information to our lawyers. We finally decided that there was no way we could handle all the medical costs, and we contacted Carolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm to see if they could help. Carolyn was great. It turns out the kid who hit me only had the state minimum coverage on his insurance, and Carolyn negotiated with his insurance carrier to get me the maximum settlement under his policy. But that was nowhere near enough to cover all the medical bills. Next, Carolyn contacted my own auto insurance company and made a claim for me under our underinsured motorist coverage. Carolyn told them point blank we wouldn’t be settling for any low ball amount, and that she would fight for me to get everything we deserved under our insurance. The insurance representative…the adjuster or whatever you call them…said, ‘I’ll have to call you back’, because he was going to make a low offer to settle. Carolyn pushed for us and got things settled so all that not only all of my medical bills were covered but also to compensate me for the injuries I sustained. If it hadn’t been for Carolyn Caruthers, we wouldn’t have had any idea how to handle this, and we’d probably have settled for half of what we ended up with, just because we didn’t know how the system works. It was a long process, but Carolyn kept us informed all the way through with periodic updates so I never wondered where things stood. She did a great job for me.”