st. louis traffic accidentsYou’re driving on Interstate 270 South and find yourself sitting in gridlock because there’s a car accident at 270 & Manchester with multiple lane closures and traffic is backed up for miles.   You sit in traffic for over an hour before the road opens back up, and wish you would have known and went a different route. St. Louis traffic accidents can leave you tired and frustrated.

In effort to avoid traffic incidents, Sauter Sullivan is providing you with the Missouri Department of Transportation’s real-time feed of St. Louis traffic accidents and traffic incident locator via Twitter.

In St. Louis, Missouri we have a busy network of interstate highways, some of which are fairly infamous for truck and auto accidents. This feed is a way to keep track of accidents on Interstate 270, Interstate 70, Interstate 64, and Interstate 55. Bookmark this page and check it frequently to find out about wrecks and closures on Missouri highways.