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Spinal Cord Injuries are usually the result of a traumatic blow or injury to the spine, and it can happen in many different ways, including motor vehicle accidents, falls, medical malpractice or risky surgical procedures on the back or neck, acts of violence including gunshot wounds, sports and recreational activities, to name just a few. The impact of Spinal Cord Injuries or Herniated Discs, can be devastating for the victim and their families, causing loss of wages and income, and potentially incurring a lifetime of medical expenses.

The spinal cord is an incredibly important part of the human body, with a role in many bodily functions. The spinal cord itself is contained within the spinal column or backbone, and is a critical factor in motor control (the ability to move freely and adeptly) and physical sensation. It also has a part in controlling breathing, body temperature regulation, urinary and sexual functions, and more. As a consequence, injury to the spinal cord can cause a broad range of serious health problems, often with permanent repercussions. In extreme cases, spinal cord victims can become paraplegic (paralysis in the lower parts of the body) or quadriplegic (paralysis of all four limbs).

However they occur, spinal cord injuries are always a horrible misfortune for the victim. To rise to the level justifying bringing a lawsuit, the spinal cord injury must typically be caused either by someone’s negligence (Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident, a Slip and Fall event, etc.) or by a defective or dangerous product (faulty vehicle airbags or seatbelts, etc.). You and your attorney must be able to prove that the defending party is legally responsible and at fault for your injury. In Defective Product Cases, liability for your injury could fall on the companies that designed, made or sold the product involved in your injury.

Because of the serious nature of Spinal Cord Injuries and Herniated Discs, victims who win judgments against a defendant in a lawsuit are often rewarded compensation, or “damages”, for their losses, including payment for medical expenses and “pain and suffering”. In cases with permanent and life-changing injuries, awards often include compensation for ongoing healthcare and medical expenses.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a Spinal Cord Injury or Herniated Disc, and you think someone else is responsible, you should talk to an experienced lawyer right away. The attorneys at Sauter Sullivan are experts at handling Spinal Cord or Herniated Disc Injury cases in St. Louis, and they can help you.

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