A licensed practical nurse in her 50’s was stopped at a traffic light in a line of cars on Greenmount Road in Shiloh, Illinois. The driver of an 18-wheeler semi-truck was not paying attention, looking through his delivery papers as he drove, and slammed into the last vehicle in line at a high rate of speed, causing a multi-car pileup.

The force of the impact from the truck accident pushed the last vehicle in line into the nurse’s car, which in turn hit the vehicle in front of her. The woman called the personal injury attorneys at Sauter Sullivan for help, and counselor Carolyn Caruthers took on the case. The client suffered physical and emotional injuries in the truck accident, and had ongoing problems with headaches, as well as neck, back and leg pain, even though there was no evidence of any fracture or disc herniation. She missed 2 weeks of work due to the truck crash, and suffered anxiety driving following the collision. Sauter Sullivan negotiated with the trucking company’s insurance carrier and reached an $80,000 settlement for the client.