Carolyn Caruthers, a personal injury attorney with the Sauter Sullivan law firm, took on a premises liability case for a client who was injured in a slip and fall accident at a restaurant in St. Charles, Missouri. The client was a young man in his mid-20’s, who was carrying his 2 year old in his arms as he entered a restaurant.

The weather was wet outside and a large amount of water had been tracked into the entry way of the restaurant, so much so that the plastic mat by the doors was sitting in a puddle of water. The mat slid out from under the man as he stepped on it, causing him to slip and fall, striking his shoulder on the door post and landing hard on his left knee. Fortunately, the father managed to protect his child from injury as he struggled in vain to keep from falling. He was left with a great deal of pain in his shoulder and knee after the slip and fall accident, and he lost his job as a painter because he was unable to kneel or safely go up and down ladders. His knee required surgery, and he had to undergo several months of post-operative treatment and therapy for his injuries, all of which incurred significant medical expenses. Caruthers took on the restaurant’s insurance company and negotiated a settlement of $63,500 for her client.