A man who was injured in a motorcycle accident came to Sauter Sullivan for help. The client was passing a truck on a two-lane road in St. Charles County, Missouri, when a truck made a left hand turn into the client’s motorcycle. The initial police report wrongly blamed the accident on Sauter Sullivan’s client, claiming the client was illegally passing at a “T” intersection. The client sustained significant injuries to his knee and shoulder, and the shoulder injury required operative treatment. Sauter Sullivan conducted its own investigation of the accident and found two witnesses who indicated that the truck had suddenly turned without warning into the client’s path. To make matters worse in this motorcycle and truck accident, the truck did not have insurance, and Sauter Sullivan’s discovery process revealed that the driver of the truck had consumed two beers prior to the accident. With the help of Sauter Sullivan, the client filed an uninsured motorist claim, but nothing was offered on the case. Sauter Sullivan took the case to trial for the client who was ultimately awarded $175,000 in compensation.