A heavy equipment operator who was suffered a job related injury came to Sauter Sullivan to see if we could help with his complicated case. The client was employed by an Illinois based company, and was working at a construction site at an airport in St. Louis, Missouri.

The employer had previously housed our client and other employees at a hotel while they were working on the job, but had discontinued that benefit, forcing workers to look for their own housing while working on the construction site. On a rainy day, the plaintiff was seriously injured in a car accident while looking for a campsite to keep his trailer. Sauter Sullivan did a thorough examination of both Missouri Worker’s Compensation Law and Illinois Worker’s Compensation Law, and determined that the client’s case should be filed in Illinois because of its favorable travelling employee law. The insurance company made no offer in the case because they claimed the client was not in the course and scope of his employment when the car accident occurred. Sauter Sullivan took the case to trial and won the client an award of over $800,000 plus coverage for continued medical treatment. Sauter Sullivan also collected over $300,000 from the insurance company of the driver who cause the collision, making the total award to the client over $1.1 Million.