18-wheelerChristopher Geldmacher represented a 42 year old professional truck driver who was on the job driving an 18-wheeler when he was struck head on by a drunk driver heading the wrong way on the interstate.  The truck driver was in Collinsville, Illinois heading northbound on Interstate 255, when the collision occurred.  The drunk driver hit the truck head-on, causing the 18-wheeler to flip onto its side.   When police arrived the truck driver was unconscious and hanging from his seat belt in the overturned truck.

The truck driver suffered a concussion and injuries to his spine which caused an aggravation to a portion of his spine that had previously undergone a spine surgery.  The spine specialist he was referred to ordered spinal injections and physical therapy. He was also sent to a concussion specialist.  The concussion specialist referred the truck driver for special concussion therapy. He was out of work for about five months and required extensive ongoing treatment that lasted approximately six months, but in the end he was able to return to work.

Chris Geldmacher represented the truck driver and filed a workers compensation claim against the truck driver’s employer and a claim against the drunk driver’s insurance company.   Mr. Geldmacher was able to obtain settlements in both claims totaling nearly $233,000 for his client.