In June, 2014, a high level executive with a financial services firm was injured in a rear end car accident in St. Louis, Missouri, and suffered injuries to his neck and back, including a disc herniation in his cervical spine. Immediately following the accident, he was shaken up but thought he would be fine. After a day or so, he had tremendous neck and back pain and went to see a doctor that he was familiar with from the past. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with damage to the discs in his neck from the crash and was referred immediately to an orthopedic surgeon. Within a week or so he ended up having a multi-level cervical fusion and physical therapy rehab thereafter. He lived an active lifestyle, and was a competitive tennis player, but his injuries prevented him playing the sport he loved. After the surgery, he had difficulty sleeping and for a couple weeks and he could not use his right arm due to nerve damage from the surgery. The nerves would regenerate in time, but it was a slow process that took months, during which time he continued to have extensive weakness, numbness and loss of feeling in his tricep, bicep and left arm. Lots of physical therapy and time helped make things better and he is doing much better today.

The client came to personal injury attorney Kevin Sullivan for help with his car accident case. Sullivan investigated and found that the young woman who rear ended his client’s vehicle had limited insurance that would not come close to even covering the client’s medical expenses and lost time from work. Thankfully, Kevin found that his client’s insurance policy included underinsured motorist coverage, which could be used to cover the difference between what he deserved and what the woman’s limited coverage could provide for him. After significant discussions and ongoing negotiations with the insurance company the firm was able to get this client a settlement of $355,000 which was fair and reasonable compensation for his injuries.