A 63 year old woman who works as a home health worker was driving northbound on Highway 157 in Collinsville, Illinois.  Suddenly, a large motorist assistance vehicle driving southbound attempted to make a left turn in front of her without yielding and struck the woman’s vehicle almost head-on.  She was taken to Anderson Hospital by ambulance, and where she was diagnosed with whiplash injuries to her neck and lower back.  The emergency room doctor instructed her to seek follow up medical care.  The woman sought treatment from a chiropractor.  During the course of her treatment with the chiropractor, it was determined that she needed MRIs of her spine. The MRIs showed herniated discs in her neck and lower back, and she was referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon.  The spine surgeon found she was a candidate for back surgery, but it was agreed to try non-operative treatment first.  She received injections from a pain management doctor. The injections helped but did not resolve her problems.  Ultimately, the woman and her spine surgeon determined that the only option left for her was surgery.  At the time that her case resolved, the woman was waiting to have surgery, on the instructions of the spine surgeon, until her pain had progressed and she could not function without getting the problem surgically repaired.  She plans on having the surgery when her pain reaches that point.

Chris Geldmacher represented the woman and attempted to negotiate with the insurance company for the motorist assistance vehicle.  Geldmacher found the insurance company was not willing to pay an amount considered fair to his client, so he filed suit on her behalf.   Shortly after filing, the insurance company for the motorist assistance vehicle reopened negotiations.  They were able to arrive at a settlement without having to get very far into the lawsuit. Chris negotiated a settlement of $350,000 for his client.