uninsured motoristTwo clients of the Sauter Sullivan law firm, a grandmother and granddaughter, were involved in a car accident caused by an uninsured motorist.  The uninsured motorist was traveling in front of the clients when he made an illegal U-turn striking the clients’ vehicle.  The granddaughter had some minor injuries, including pain in her left wrist, for which she was treated in the emergency room and released.  No follow up treatment was required.  Unfortunately, the Grandmother’s injuries were more substantial and included a laceration to her scalp which required numerous stitches along with a fractured right wrist.   Fortunately, her wrist fracture was resolved with physical therapy and did not require surgery.

Carolyn Caruthers fought for her clients and was able to get $3,000 plus medical expenses for the granddaughter’s minor injuries.  On the claim for the grandmother, Caruthers recovered policy limits on the two applicable insurance policies for a total settlement of $50,000 for her medical expenses and pain and suffering.