bulging discsChristopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan, LLC represented a 43-year-old car accident victim from Florissant Missouri.  The woman was driving on Patterson Road when a 70-year-old man failed to yield and pulled out in front her causing their cars to collide.  She was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  After the emergency room, she followed up with chiropractor.  The chiropractor treated her, but he problems that she was experiencing in her neck would not go away.  The chiropractor referred the woman for an MRI of the spine which revealed bulging discs caused by the collision.

The chiropractor referred her to a spine surgeon who looked at her MRI films and told her that she would eventually need surgery on her neck.  The surgeon and the injured woman agreed that she should first try other non-operative measures before surgery, including injections by a pain management doctor and physical therapy.  This treatment helped her symptoms, but did not resolve the underlying problem, her bulging discs.  The woman and the surgeon she saw agree that she will require surgery in the future, but they chose to wait until her symptoms became worse.

After submitting all the proper documentation, Mr. Geldmacher was able to negotiate with the insurance company and worked out a settlement that avoided a lawsuit.  Mr. Geldmacher’s client received a $225,000 settlement for the injuries she sustained in her car accident.