rear-end collisionA mother in her mid 30’s suffered whiplash when she was in a rear-end collision on Riverview Blvd in the City of St. Louis.  She was rushed to the hospital after the accident because she had just been released from hospitalization days earlier after suffering a pulmonary embolism.  The woman incurred a large amount of medical expenses from the ER and follow up visits to a chiropractor to treat her ongoing pain and stiffness.  She was left hopeless after her prior attorney had dropped the claim, advising her not to proceed because the impact wasn’t hard enough to justify a whiplash claim, and she didn’t have insurance on her vehicle.  10 months after the accident she was referred to Sauter Sullivan attorney, Carolyn Caruthers, who helped her reach a settlement for $19,000 within a few short months of taking the rear-end collision claim.