A 29 year old bookkeeper, wife and Mom came to Sauter Sullivan after she suffered personal injury in a slip and fall incident at a party that was being held at a hall that hosted events and parties. A bartender, who was an employee of the facility, asked the woman to watch the bar while he left to use the restroom.

The bartender failed to warn Sauter Sullivan’s client that the tile floor behind the bar was very wet.  When the client walked behind the bar to help out, the wet floor caused her to slip and fall. The client’s knee struck the hard tile and all of her weight came down onto her knee. The woman’s knee injury required surgery, and she incurred over $30,000 in medical expenses in addition to losing wages from her employment. Christopher Geldmacher, a personal injury attorney and partner at the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the injured woman. The case was settled prior to trial for $140,000 which constituted compensation for the woman’s injuries and lost earnings.