A 62 year-old man from East St. Louis was traveling on Illinois Highway 15 in St. Clair County when his car was rear-ended. The collision caused his knee to strike the dashboard, which exacerbated pre-existing knee problems. After the accident, the man was treated with injections and extensive physical therapy, but unfortunately the treatment failed to return him back to his pre-collision condition. His doctor advised he have a total knee replacement surgery. After the surgery, he had go to a nursing home as part of his recovery and was required to participate in a lot of post-surgery physical therapy. The medical bills were piling up, and the other driver’s insurance company wouldn’t pay, claiming his knee problems were pre-existing. So, he came to Sauter Sullivan for help. Christopher Geldmacher took his case and filed a claim on behalf of his client against the other driver’s insurance company. Chris argued the man may not have required a total knee replacement surgery, or at least not required it as soon as he did if the collision hadn’t happened, causing the man to injure his knee even further. In the end, Mr. Geldmacher’s argument prevailed, and he obtained a settlement of $105,000 for his client.