Motorcycle Accident St Louis, Missouri and Illinois

Motorcycle Accident Attorney St. LouisIf you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, you should consider contacting a attorney, especially if you’ve been injured. The Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan are experienced, skilled experts at handling the special issues associated with a motorcycle accident St Louis.

Motorcycle Accidents can be caused by a number of factors, including the negligence of someone driving another vehicle, unsafe or hazardous roadway conditions, defective motorcycles (Product Liability), and so on. Most Motorcycle Accidents inevitably involve injuries, often serious, and they are more likely to cause immediate death or fatal injuries. Property damage is also a big issue, since motorcycles involved in accidents are often totaled or need significant repair. If someone else is responsible for the accident, you need an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to help you get fully compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, rental fees and damages.

Motorcycle riders know and love the sense of freedom that comes with the bike.  It’s more than a method of transportation, it’s a lifestyle.  Along with that freedom though, comes added vulnerability, and a greater need for awareness of one’s surroundings.  When you’re on a motorcycle, you see and notice things that other drivers never will.  In many ways, driving in a car is driving taken for granted.  Part of your mind controls the vehicle, while the rest is daydreaming or listening to what’s happening in the car.   That’s something a motorcycle rider simply can’t do.  We’re totally involved in the ride, because our lives and lives of those around us, depend on it. Motorcycle accident St Louis

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident St Louis, Contact Us for a free consultation  with one of our experienced Lawyers. There’s no obligation, and we take many cases on a contingency basis, where you’ll pay us no legal fees unless we win your case.

  • $340,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Rider in a Head-On Collision

    head-on collisionA 30-year-old male motorcycle rider was involved in a head-on collision after a truck made a left hand turn in front of him traveling 55-60 mph in Jefferson County, Missouri.  The victim unconscious and unresponsive at the scene was life-flighted by helicopter to the hospital.  He suffered from road rash, abrasions, a torn rotator cuff, shoulder, head, neck, back, leg, teeth, and gum injuries.  The man’s injuries from being involved in a head-on collision left him unable to work for months as he underwent extensive medical treatment including two surgeries, a year of physical therapy and over $200,000 in medical bills from nearly 30 different medical providers.  His employer could not hold his job open for him, so he bounced around odd jobs before he finally found full employment again.  Carolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm investigated his case, gathered his medical documentation, and assisted with medical appointments and referrals.  At the end, Caruthers negotiated a total settlement of $340,000 for her client.

  • Over $175,000 Awarded to Motorcycle Accident Victim

    A man who was injured in a motorcycle accident came to Sauter Sullivan for help. The client was passing a truck on a two-lane road in St. Charles County, Missouri, when a truck made a left hand turn into the client’s motorcycle. The initial police report wrongly blamed the accident on Sauter Sullivan’s client, claiming the client was illegally passing at a “T” intersection. The client sustained significant injuries to his knee and shoulder, and the shoulder injury required operative treatment. Sauter Sullivan conducted its own investigation of the accident and found two witnesses who indicated that the truck had suddenly turned without warning into the client’s path. To make matters worse in this motorcycle and truck accident, the truck did not have insurance, and Sauter Sullivan’s discovery process revealed that the driver of the truck had consumed two beers prior to the accident. With the help of Sauter Sullivan, the client filed an uninsured motorist claim, but nothing was offered on the case. Sauter Sullivan took the case to trial for the client who was ultimately awarded $175,000 in compensation.

  • Sauter Sullivan Obtains a $150,000 Settlement Within Six Months of Accident

    $150,000 settlementOur client was on his motorcycle, when he was hit by a woman who failed to yield the right-of-way.  He fractured his kneecap and had to undergo surgery.  He missed four months of work, which put him in a very difficult financial situation.  Additionally, our client did not have his own car insurance.  Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan was able to navigate through Missouri’s “No pay no play” law, and convinced the insurance company that it did not apply to this case.  He was able to obtain a $150,000 settlement for our client approximately five months after the accident occurred.

  • Sauter Sullivan Gets $95,000 for Client Injured in Motorcycle Accident

    Carolyn Caruthers of Sauter Sullivan LLC took the case of an out of state motorcyclist who was injured when a Cadillac Escalade struck her while driving her motorcycle on I-270 in St. Louis.  The driver of the Escalade was looking at her cell-phone while driving in the center lane when traffic slowed; the driver swerved to avoid hitting the car in front of her, veered into another lane and hit Caruthers’ client.  The impact of the collision caused the motorcycle to hit the concrete median and the woman was thrown from her bike and skidded across the highway.  She sustained a foot injury that required surgery, various disc herniation’s in her back, plus other injuries including the emotional distress associated with the post-traumatic stress from the motorcycle accident.  Initially, the driver of the Escalade and her insurer attempted to avoid liability for the client’s losses and injuries and made a very low offer.  Due to the bad offer and the  numerous medical bills the client accumulated, the lost time from work and the negative impact the crash had on the the client’s quality of life, Caruthers filed suit on behalf of her client. Caruthers’ hard work paid off when she negotiated a $95,000 settlement for her client a month before the trial was scheduled to start.