We Explore All Available Coverage to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Auto Accident Coverage

In any personal injury case, it’s the attorney’s job to find all applicable insurance policies that may cover the injured party. Most people, and even some attorneys, aren’t fully aware of all the places to look for coverage. At Sauter Sullivan we pride ourselves on finding applicable policies, and potential compensation, that other firms may miss.


Below are some of the places that we typically look to find applicable policies in an auto accident case.
We always look first for coverage from the party that caused the collision, by looking for insurance for:

  • The vehicle that caused the collision
  • The driver that caused the collision
  • The employer of the driver who caused the collision if the driver was working at the time

If it is confirmed that neither the driver nor the vehicle that caused the collision were insured, we continue to look into uninsured motorist coverage from:

  • The vehicle that you were in at the time of the collision
  • Any vehicle that you own if you were a passenger at the time of the collision.
  • Any vehicle that is in your household that is maintained by a relative of yours.

This is only a brief example of the various places we may look for compensation in an accident case. Our expertise and experience can guide us to find coverage that even the involved parties in the accident may not know about.