Sauter Sullivan works hard to get our clients the maximum results each and every time. There are situations where an insurance company will try to limit what a person can collect by trying to hide behind limited coverages purchased by the at-fault party. While it is true that the settlement amount a person can receive may be limited by an insurance policy, Sauter Sullivan prides itself on having the knowledge and ability to uncover insurance coverage that many would overlook. Sometimes, the difference between getting fully compensated or not depends on whether or not your attorney knows where to look for coverage. Here at Sauter Sullivan, we will always leave no stone unturned. Read these articles carefully, and notice that time and time again, Sauter Sullivan goes the extra mile to find any and all policies that are applicable to a case, policies that others might have overlooked. In some situations, we consult with experts that have knowledge applicable to your case. We even do our own investigation when we feel it’s warranted to uncover facts in the case that will work to your advantage. Previously undiscovered facts or witnesses can make a huge difference. The following verdicts and results are cases where we got our clients the maximum settlement available by law, and we can do it for you, too.