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Estate LitigationEstate litigation is usually a very sensitive matter, because a family member or loved one has died, and in the midst of all the grieving, someone is disputing the intentions of the deceased, the distribution of their assets, or the handling of their estate. There are difficult issues such as “who gets what?” or “I didn’t get my fair share!” or “This isn’t what Mom/Dad wanted to happen!” and so on. Sometimes trust assets cannot be readily found or accounted for, or the true intentions of the deceased are not clear.

Two types of parties are usually involved in Estate Litigation. You might be a beneficiary(or potential beneficiary) who feels you “didn’t get your fair share”, or otherwise has a problem with the way an estate is being managed or distributed. You might be an executor of a will, trust or estate, and you need to defend your actions and management of the estate, or even the validity of the will itself. Either way, these are extremely sensitive matters that can be difficult to resolve without expert guidance and legal advice. If you are involved in an Estate Litigation suit, you need an attorney who is an expert in resolving estate disputes, either through negotiation, litigation, or alternative dispute resolution processes. The highly skilled and experience Estate Litigation Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan in St. Louis can help.

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