From the Personal Injury Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan


Car and truck accidents can be traumatic experiences, especially serious ones where injuries are involved.   You’re likely to be upset and a bit disoriented, and you’re not likely thinking at your best if you’ve been in a car wreck. With the Free Easy Car Accident App from Sauter Sullivan, you’ll have a handy tool right in your hand to make sure you collect all the important information you might need if you’re in an accident.


Download it NOW, so it’s there when you need it!

Free Easy Car Accident App

  • Load the app onto your smart phone
  • Have your kids or loved ones install it on their phones
  • Tell your friends to put it on their mobile devices
  • It’s a little Peace of Mind that’s ABSOLUTELY FREE


The Easy Car Accident App is available to anyone, and it’s absolutely FREE, with no obligation. The app will help you accurately:


  • Record the date/time of the accident
  • Pinpoint the location of the accident with GPS functionality
  • Record the other driver’s info, including name, contact and insurance company
  • Take pictures of the damaged vehicles on the scene
  • Take names and contact info from witnesses
  • SUBMIT at the end and the app will email you all the information about your car accident.


You know having the right information can help you protect yourself, your family and your loved ones if they’ve been in an accident. Just in case, download the Free Easy Car Accident App NOW, courtesy of your friends at Sauter Sullivan.