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The Sauter Sullivan law firm is your ideal referral partner for Personal Injury and Business Litigation representation St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois. Our highly experienced attorneys are fully accustomed to representing clients in court in front of judges and juries and we frequently act as Local Counsel for out of town law firms. We’re literally in the St. Louis courtrooms virtually every day, in the trenches, fighting for the rights of our clients. We know the court personnel and the judges, and the particular details of how the system operates in our jurisdictions. As a referring attorney, you can rest assured that getting positive results for your clients is our common goal. We work hard to win together.

The law office of Sauter Sullivan, LLC is located in St. Louis, Missouri, has a record of proven success, and prides itself on providing top-notch legal services for individuals, businesses and other law firms. As a referring attorney, you will define the extent of our role and involvement in your referral cases, and you guide us on the specific issues facing your client. Working together, we will ensure your referred clients receive full and proper legal representation. Count on the attorneys of Sauter Sullivan to always represent your clients with integrity, experience and professionalism.

We maintain and have access to a wide array of resources, including an extensive network of experts whose guidance and testimony can help us handle even the most difficult and complex cases. You may also count on our expertise for Analytical and Strategic Support, Work Product Delivery and Financial Resources. Sauter Sullivan can work with referring attorneys in a supportive role, focused on specific areas of expertise, or we can provide complete litigation support to handle your clients’ needs, as per your direction.

Contact Us today to begin building a mutually beneficial relationship that best serves the needs of clients, and respects the value of the services provided by the partnering attorneys and law firms. We have years of experience developing and maintaining successful relationships with referring attorneys, and we offer a liberal division of fees and all costs and expenses associated with the prosecution of our joint clients’ cases.