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Sauter Sullivan is a strong and experienced team of successful St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys. We have an extensive knowledge of the law and the depth of resources to consistently give our clients positive results. Our jury trial and courtroom experience is unparalleled in our community; we are in the courts virtually every day representing the rights and interests of our clients.

The Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan help real, everyday people who, through no fault of their own, have been injured or suffered injustice because of someone else’s actions or negligence.  We help people whose lives have changed for the worse in an instant due to accidents, or through circumstances and conditions present over time that contributed to their debilitation, handicap, disability, illness or even death.  Sometimes they themselves were the victims, and sometimes it was a family member or someone they loved and depended on.  People count on us to help them get fair compensation for what they have lost.

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