Testimonial: Elder Nathan Jordan

Case: Auto Accident
Attorney: Matthew Sauter
Client: Elder Nathan Jordan

Elder Nathan Jordan gets excited when he talks about Matt Sauter and how he helped him and inspired him.

“About 10 years ago, I was driving my car up in Jennings, Missouri, in North St. Louis County. I was a minister at a church up that way at the time. I was looking for an address of where I was going, so I was driving slow, when a car slammed into me from behind. It was pretty bad. My car was really messed up and me and a friend in the car were injured. I had pretty severe back injuries. I had a herniated disc in my back and that caused me problems with my sciatic nerve. The pain was really bad…it was in my back and my legs were weak and I had numbness and tingling…it was hard to sit or stand for a long time and it hurt to move. I had to spend 3 or 4 months in physical therapy at St. Louis University, and I couldn’t believe the ton of medical bills that were piling up. And I really couldn’t work for a while…I was lucky that my employer was good to me through all this and I didn’t lose my job. What made things worse was that the police said I had caused the accident because I was driving slow and impeding traffic, even though the other guy ran into me! The police gave ME a ticket. I couldn’t believe it and I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I met Matt Sauter through some people I know, and he was a life saver. Matt was very approachable, friendly and concerned for me. And he’s professional. Matt took on my car accident and personal injury case aggressively and challenged the police on the ticket they gave me and got it fixed, and then he fought for me to prove that the car accident was the other guy’s fault. Matt was really something. You should see him. He really knows his way around the court, and he was really aggressive representing my interests. He showed personal concern for me…I mean he really cared. He had compassion. He went above and beyond for me, and made sure I got everything fair I deserved because of the car accident and my personal injury. He got me a settlement that compensated me for my car and my medical bills, and he even got me some money that helped me because of my lost time at work. And he helped me work with another attorney he knows to make sure I got the disability coverage I needed to get through everything. Matt is a real professional, but he’s a humble guy and I really like him. He’s become like a brother to me…he’s my friend and I can’t thank him enough for how he helped me. I tell anyone who needs help to talk to Matt Sauter because he cares. I’ve sent him two of my nephews, and another pastor I know, and I’ve referred friends and family and parishioners to Matt when they need a lawyer.”

Today, Elder Nathan Jordan is a hard working minister for a non-denominational church in Union, Missouri. He was so inspired by his experience with Matt Sauter of Sauter Sullivan in St. Louis, Missouri that he decided to pursue studies in criminal justice as a way to expand his ministry and help people with substance abuse, alcohol and addiction problems. He’s studying at East Central College, and hopes to become a parole officer when he graduates.

Testimonial: Regina Whitfield

Case: Workers Compensation

Attorney: Christopher Geldmacher

Client: Regina (“Gia”) Whitfield


“I was working at a company where they helped people with behavioral problems. A patient got out of control and beat me up…it was bad. I was afraid to come home where people would see me I looked so bad. The company did what they had to do for my Workers Compensation claim, but that was about it. I needed help. My girlfriend told me about Mr. Geldmacher because he had helped her, and from the moment I met him, I had good vibes about him. He was down to earth and honest. He told me what to expect, and what not to expect…he gave me the facts…whether I liked them or not. I liked that. He helped me get through all the Workers Comp paperwork and he fought for me. That’s what makes me like him because he fought for me, and I feel like I got what I deserved. I’ve dealt with lawyers before and had so many disappointments in life, but Attorney Christopher is the real deal! We have a good rapport and a friendship…and I like him. I respect him. I just sent someone to talk to him about a problem they’re having, because I trust him, and I know he’ll do everything he can to help my friend. He’ll tell ‘em straight.”