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Spinal Cord Injuries are usually the result of a traumatic blow or injury to the spine, and it can happen in many different ways, including motor vehicle accidents, falls, medical malpractice or risky surgical procedures on the back or neck, acts of violence including gunshot wounds, sports and recreational activities, to name just a few. The impact of Spinal Cord Injuries or Herniated Discs, can be devastating for the victim and their families, causing loss of wages and income, and potentially incurring a lifetime of medical expenses.

The spinal cord is an incredibly important part of the human body, with a role in many bodily functions. The spinal cord itself is contained within the spinal column or backbone, and is a critical factor in motor control (the ability to move freely and adeptly) and physical sensation. It also has a part in controlling breathing, body temperature regulation, urinary and sexual functions, and more. As a consequence, injury to the spinal cord can cause a broad range of serious health problems, often with permanent repercussions. In extreme cases, spinal cord victims can become paraplegic (paralysis in the lower parts of the body) or quadriplegic (paralysis of all four limbs).

However they occur, spinal cord injuries are always a horrible misfortune for the victim. To rise to the level justifying bringing a lawsuit, the spinal cord injury must typically be caused either by someone’s negligence (Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident, a Slip and Fall event, etc.) or by a defective or dangerous product (faulty vehicle airbags or seatbelts, etc.). You and your attorney must be able to prove that the defending party is legally responsible and at fault for your injury. In Defective Product Cases, liability for your injury could fall on the companies that designed, made or sold the product involved in your injury.

Because of the serious nature of Spinal Cord Injuries and Herniated Discs, victims who win judgments against a defendant in a lawsuit are often rewarded compensation, or “damages”, for their losses, including payment for medical expenses and “pain and suffering”. In cases with permanent and life-changing injuries, awards often include compensation for ongoing healthcare and medical expenses.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a Spinal Cord Injury or Herniated Disc, and you think someone else is responsible, you should talk to an experienced lawyer right away. The attorneys at Sauter Sullivan are experts at handling Spinal Cord or Herniated Disc Injury cases in St. Louis, and they can help you.

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  • $450,000 Settlement for Truck Driver Hit While Changing Tire

    A young, recently married couple from a small town in Southern Illinois was faced with uncertainty after the husband was involved in a terrible truck accident. The husband drives a truck for a living, and was travelling on Highway 57 near Effingham, Illinois, when he had a tire blow out on his tractor-trailer. He put on his flashers and pulled his truck completely off the highway on to the shoulder.


  • Sauter Sullivan Gets $300,000 Settlement for Client Injured in Rear-End Auto Accident

    An X-ray technician in his late 30’s was rear ended in an auto accident in Tennessee in October of 2011. He was stopped at an exit ramp off a highway, waiting for traffic to clear to make his turn, when the driver of the other vehicle hit him from behind at a high rate of speed.


  • $225,000 Premises Liability Settlement for Injury at Fast Food Establishment

    A 20 year old woman was in a Granite City, Illinois fast food restaurant, waiting for her food, when she went to fill her cup at the self-service soda station. While she was getting ice, vibrations from the machine shook loose a piece of plastic, just above the client’s head. The plastic piece struck her on the forehead, bending her head backwards, injuring her neck. A later MRI showed that the woman had suffered herniated disc in her neck. She was referred to a spine surgeon who performed surgery on her injured neck. Neither the fast food restaurant nor ice machine vendor would take responsibility for the accident. The woman turned to Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan for help. Mr. Geldmacher took her case and filed a lawsuit against both the restaurant and ice machine vendor. Sauter Sullivan’s investigation revealed that the piece of plastic that injured the client had fallen several times before, and the restaurant employees kept putting the piece of plastic back on the machine without securing it properly. Prior to trial, the case went to a mediation where Mr. Geldmacher obtained a settlement of $225,000 for his client.

  • $40,000 Plus Medical Settlement After Workers Compensation Denial for a Waitress On the Job

    workers compensation denialA 50-year-old waitress slipped on the wet tile floor in a kitchen while on the job in St. Louis County Missouri. The fall caused injuries to her arm, shoulder, and neck which ultimately resulted in surgery. The woman’s injuries required a lot of medical attention, including two surgeries, and she was unable to work for a long time. The waitress initially tried to handle the claim on her own and Workers Compensation repeatedly failed to respond to her in a timely fashion. They ultimately responded with a workers compensation denial of treatment for her neck or shoulder injuries. As time passed, the client required surgery for a torn rotator cuff in her dominant shoulder, plus another and surgery on her neck for a bulging disc. The waitress needed help and didn’t know what to do, so she contacted Carolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm. Carolyn Caruthers took the case and fought against the Workers Compensation denial, including filing for compensation for medical treatment and her client’s permanent disability caused by the fall’s injury to her elbow, neck, and shoulder. Despite the initial denial and refusal of treatment by Workers’ Compensation, Caruthers prevailed for her client and got Workers Compensation to reimburse for all of the waitress’s medical bills, including costs for the two surgeries and all post operation treatment, her lost wages for time missed initially after the injury as well as after the surgeries, and 10% disability for the elbow, 25% disability for the shoulder and 35% disability for her neck injury. The total settlement gained the client close to $40,000 over and above the payment of her previously denied medical treatment in compensation for her work related injuries.

  • $14,000 Quick Settlement for Personal Injury on Metro Bi-State Bus Accident

    bus accidentA disabled gentleman in his mid 50s suffered neck, back, and shoulder sprains after being involved in a Metro/Bi-State bus accident in the city of St Louis.  While he was riding as the sole passenger on the bus, the driver attempted to make a turn too fast on icy and slick road conditions. The bus driver lost control and, over corrected and struck 3 parked cars on the opposite side of the road, then slid back across both lanes, and finally stopped going through a fence.  The multiple collisions and wild jarring’s of the bus threw the disabled gentleman from his seat onto the floor, injuring his right shoulder and neck, and spraining his back.  Immense pain hit instantly, compounded by the fact that the disabled gentleman recently underwent surgery on his right shoulder due to a rare blood disease. The disabled man was taken to the ER, and had a series of medical treatments including follow up with his surgeon from prior shoulder surgery, and a chiropractor.  The gentleman found the Sauter Sullivan Law Firm, where Carolyn Caruthers set up a claim with Metro Bi-State and quickly negotiated a favorable settlement for $14,000, an amount well over the cost of his medical bills from the bus accident.

  • Injured Steel Worker Receives Permanent Total Disability Benefits in Workers’ Comp Case

    In June of 2009, a 41 year old steel worker suffered a serious on-the-job injury at the steel plant in Granite City, Illinois. The worker had herniated discs in the spine which required multiple surgeries. At the conclusion of treatment, the doctors gave the client restrictions which prohibited him from being able to work again. The steel plant did not want to take responsibility and pay the permanent disability benefits their employee deserved, so the case was taken to a workers’ compensation hearing. Christopher Geldmacher of the Sauter Sullivan law firm took the workers’ compensation case and fought for his client’s rights. Due to Chris Geldmacher’s efforts, his client was awarded permanent total disability benefits. This means he will be paid weekly benefits for the rest of his life and that all future treatment for his back injury must be paid for by the employer.

  • Sauter Sullivan Gets $95,000 for Client Injured in Motorcycle Accident

    Carolyn Caruthers of Sauter Sullivan LLC took the case of an out of state motorcyclist who was injured when a Cadillac Escalade struck her while driving her motorcycle on I-270 in St. Louis.  The driver of the Escalade was looking at her cell-phone while driving in the center lane when traffic slowed; the driver swerved to avoid hitting the car in front of her, veered into another lane and hit Caruthers’ client.  The impact of the collision caused the motorcycle to hit the concrete median and the woman was thrown from her bike and skidded across the highway.  She sustained a foot injury that required surgery, various disc herniation’s in her back, plus other injuries including the emotional distress associated with the post-traumatic stress from the motorcycle accident.  Initially, the driver of the Escalade and her insurer attempted to avoid liability for the client’s losses and injuries and made a very low offer.  Due to the bad offer and the  numerous medical bills the client accumulated, the lost time from work and the negative impact the crash had on the the client’s quality of life, Caruthers filed suit on behalf of her client. Caruthers’ hard work paid off when she negotiated a $95,000 settlement for her client a month before the trial was scheduled to start.