Matthew J. Sauter from Sauter Sullivan represented a roofer who fell through a weakened roof in Jefferson County, Missouri while on-the-job.  The roofer sustained severe orthopedic injuries to his wrist and elbow, which required surgery.  Matt Sauter filed a Workers’ Compensation case on behalf of his client.  During the course of the case, the roofer kept complaining of headaches and memory loss.  At that point, no doctor had diagnosed Sauter Sullivan’s client with a head injury.  Matt Sauter felt that his client had a head injury caused by the fall, and pursued this aspect of the case.  When the insurance company would not retain a doctor to treat the client, Sauter Sullivan retained a doctor and obtained a diagnosis and treatment for the client.    The insurance company finally agreed to provide treatment for the head injury.  The initial offer on the case was $20,000.  The client was able to go back to work, so Sauter Sullivan could not make a claim for permanent total disability benefits.  After a long fight, and the retention of several medical experts, and depositions, Sauter Sullivan was able to get the insurance company to agree to pay a settlement of $155,000 plus full medical benefits for the client for the remainder of his life.