A mother in her mid 40’s rear-ended a truck and trailer while driving in the fast lane of Highway 55 in the St. Louis area. She had just changed into the fast lane when the defendant’s truck and trailer came to a complete stop in the fast lane of the highway.

There were actually 2 trucks from the same company following each other from a job site when they missed their turn off and instead of going to the next exit to turn around, the driver of the front truck decided to make an illegal u-turn by turning into a driveway that was clearly marked for use only by authorized or emergency vehicles. When the first truck slowed to make the illegal u-turn, the truck that was following had to slam on his brakes, coming to a complete stop on the highway. The woman was unable to stop in time and struck the truck. She was significantly injured in the truck accident. She sustained whiplash injuries to her neck and back, as well as injury to her elbow, but the most severe injury was to her left knee which struck the dashboard in the collision. She ended up needing surgery on her knee and lots of physical therapy. She continues to have neck and back problems. The woman knew Kevin Sullivan, and contacted the Sauter Sullivan law firm for help. Carolyn Caruthers was assigned to the case and she fought long and hard for her client. She was ready to take the case to trial but fortunately the defending truck company agreed to a favorable settlement of $115,000 which covered her client’s medical bills, lost wages, therapy and pain and suffering.