A sales manager in his mid-40’s was seriously injured in an auto accident in Madison County, Illinois. The man was driving to work on a snowy January morning when a woman driving towards him from the opposite direction lost control of her vehicle and crossed over into the man’s lane, striking his vehicle. The impact spun the man’s vehicle around in such a manner that the woman’s car struck him a second time and pushed his vehicle off the road into a ditch. The man suffered serious injuries to his neck, shoulder and knee as a result of the car crash. The knee was so badly damaged he required a total knee replacement, and his shoulder required surgery to repair his rotator cuff. He also had 3 disc bulges in his neck for which surgery was not a good option, requiring him to undergo more conservative treatment including physical therapy and injections. His injuries were so severe he was off work for a period of time for which he lost wages, plus he incurred huge medical expenses associated with his surgery and rehabilitation therapy. When the woman driver’s insurance company was not forthcoming with compensation, the injured man contacted Carolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm. Caruthers assertively negotiated on behalf of her client in the insurance company dispute, and reached a settlement wherein the insurance company paid $100,000 in compensation, the maximum limit under the policy.