Sauter Sullivan earns $625,000 settlement for its client.  Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan represented a lady who was injured when a utility worker removed steps from the back of her trailer unit in Jefferson County, Missouri.  The worker was working around the steps and neglected to tell the client that the steps had been moved.  The client came out the door and fell approximately 4-5 feet.  Our client injured her neck and back and went through a long period of treatment.  She eventually needed surgery for her neck and back.  Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client when the insurance company would only offer $45,000.  After taking depositions, and putting together the medical testimony, Sauter Sullivan was able to obtain a $625,000 settlement approximately one month before trial.  This settlement is over 13 times what the offer was prior to filing the lawsuit.