rear-endedA 50 year old career woman was rear-ended in her vehicle off Berry Road in Webster Groves, Missouri.  The insurance company was skeptical of her medical claims due to the minor impact of the collision and minimal visible damage to the woman’s car.  The crash was severe enough to cause her body to jerk forward and backward upon impact, causing sprains and strains to her neck and back…classic whiplash injuries.  She required treatment for over 9 months including care from the ER, her primary doctor, a chiropractor and physical therapist before the symptoms were resolved. Sauter Sullivan assisted the client with locating necessary medical treatment, worked with the medical insurance company to get a favorable reduction in bills owed for medical treatment, and overcame the auto insurance company’s arguments of low speed or low velocity impact.  Carolyn Caruthers persuaded the insurance company to overcome their skepticism of injuries caused by a “minor impact” and negotiated a full policy limits settlement of $25,000 for her client.