other lawyer failsA housekeeper and mother was injured in April 2014 when she was involved in a car accident in North County St. Louis.  She was driving on the inside lane on Natural Bridge when a driver of a U-Haul trailer improperly changed lanes and struck her vehicle on the passenger side.  The woman suffered from neck, back and left side sprains and complained of headaches.  She went to the ER for treatment and accrued substantial bills for diagnostic testing; she also required some minimal follow-up chiropractic treatment.

The driver of the U-Haul initially tried to deny liability of the accident and stated that the mother came around him while he was trying to make a turn and that caused the collision. The woman’s car was un-drivable and ruled a total loss.  Not sure what to do, she sought legal representation with another law firm.  After two months, the attorney she was working with still wasn’t able to resolve her property damage claim and didn’t even have the claim set up with the correct insurance company.  Frustrated, she decided to go to Sauter Sullivan for help.  Carolyn Caruthers listened to the woman’s story, took her case, and went to bat for her client.   Despite starting from square one with the correct insurance company and having to fight to ensure liability was placed on the other driver, Caruthers settled the property damage claim within a few weeks, and then  settled the injury claim within a few months after that.   Caruthers negotiated settlements totaling $40,000 for her client, a great result for a soft tissue sprain/strain injury.  If you are ever in a situation where the other lawyer fails, call us, we may be able to help.