Afast settlement 25 year old landscaper was traveling in the far right lane on Highway 270 in St. Louis in May of 2014 when another driver attempting to merge onto the highway came into his lane causing a severe car accident.  The landscaper’s airbags deployed causing his rear view mirror to shatter and cut his face near his eye; the eye injury required medical attention and a number of stitches.  He also suffered from neck and back sprains and strains. The other driver, who was uninsured, claimed the landscaper caused the accident and filed a lawsuit against him.  Looking for help, the landscaper came to Sauter Sullivan law firm where Carolyn Caruthers took the case.  She fought the false allegations against him and filed suit against the other driver.  The client incurred medical bills from his injuries, lost wages from being unable to return to the physical demands of landscaping for several months, and had permanent scarring to his face.  Caruthers was able to prove that the accident was completely the other driver’s fault and with a fast settlement.  Within 2-3 months she finalized negotiations for a $25,000 settlement, the maximum his policy allowed for uninsured motorist coverage.