A client of Christopher Geldmacher of the Sauter Sullivan law firm was injured in a slip and fall accident while exiting a grocery store in North St. Louis County. The injured client was an elderly woman who required a walker to get around.  She was exiting the store with her walker when her foot caught on a raised, uneven edge where asphalt met the crosswalk on the store’s parking lot.  This portion of the sidewalk should have been flush with the street, but the uneven edge caused her to fall forward, landing on her side and sending her walker flying.   She was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and it was determined she had suffered a hip fracture that required surgery.  Permanent plates and screws were required to repair the injured hip, and the client was hospitalized for several days before being moved to a separate rehabilitation hospital.  She received physical therapy for a month in the rehab center before she was moved to a nursing home.   It was another month before the client was finally released to go home.  As a result of her injuries from the slip and fall, she now has even more difficulty getting around, even after going through the surgery and extensive therapy.

Chris Geldmacher filed a claim against the company responsible for maintaining the sidewalks and parking lot of the grocery store and fought to get the compensation his client deserved.   Within 4 months of completion of treatment, Mr. Geldmacher got the responsible party to agree to a settlement of $210,000.