under-a-monthA man was shopping at an Aldi’s grocery store and had a slip and fall accident caused by some water which had been spilled on the floor.    The force of the fall caused him to strain his neck, and he was taken by ambulance to a local emergency room.  His injury required follow-up treatment with a chiropractor, and he did not have health insurance to cover the costs.   He contacted the Sauter Sullivan law firm and Matthew Sauter took the case.  Matt quickly investigated the circumstances of the accident and discovered that a customer had caused the water spill on the floor and that Aldi’s had failed to clean it up in a timely fashion.  Under a month after his client completed his medical treatment, Sauter negotiated a settlement with Aldi’s insurance company; his client received a substantial sum of money to compensate him for his injuries, and all his medical bills were covered.