head on collisionA banker in her early 30’s was driving in Downtown St. Louis in March of 2016 when another driver ran a red light, causing a head-on collision.   The impact caused the airbag to deploy and the woman was thrown back and forth and side to side in her vehicle.  She suffered from neck and back pain immediately but refused medical treatment on the scene because she didn’t have health insurance and was afraid of the incurring medical bills.   A few days later, after suffering from headaches and increased pain she went to the ER where they advised her she had a pinched nerve. Already afraid of the medical bills from her ER visit she tried to manage her pain herself with over the counter medication, but the pain was so severe some days that she missed work; she was in a great deal of pain for several months.   The driver who hit her did not have car insurance, so she called Sauter Sullivan. Carolyn Caruthers met with the woman and they filed a claim with her own insurance company for uninsured motorist coverage. Ms Caruthers helped her client get the medical treatment she needed to relieve her pinched nerve, and within three months of taking the case, she negotiated an insurance company settlement of $23,000 for her client, which covered her medical bills and left her with over $15,000 of compensation for her injury in the head-on collision.