In 2008, a 40 year old mother of one was seriously injured in an auto accident at the intersection of Union Road and Union Terrace in St. Louis, County, Missouri. The woman was driving down Union Road with her daughter when another driver attempted a left hand turn directly in front of her, crashing hard into her vehicle. The force of the impact was so severe it caused the woman’s car to flip onto its side. The mother sustained various abrasions and lacerations, plus neck, back and shoulder injuries in the car crash. She suffered a tear in her left shoulder as a result of the accident and required two different surgeries on the shoulder due to ongoing pain and limitations following the first procedure. The woman missed a lot of time from work and had to undergo a great deal of medical treatment. She came to Carolyn Caruthers at Sauter Sullivan after becoming dissatisfied with her previous attorney, as her case had been pending for several years without resolution or communication from her prior counsel. Caruthers negotiated the claims for both the woman and her daughter. Due to Caruthers’ hard work and persistence with negotiations, the at fault driver’s insurance company settled for $100,000, and the client’s insurance carrier paid out an additional $100,000 on her underinsured motorist coverage, for a total recovery of $200,000 for the client.