A woman who was traveling on Interstate 70 in the St. Louis area when a car traveling in the opposite direction crossed over the median and struck her vehicle. She suffered serious injuries in the auto accident, including injuries to her lower extremity which required surgery, and had a fairly long recovery period. Matt Sauter from the Sauter Sullivan law firm took on the woman’s case, and tried to reach a settlement with the insurance company before filing suit. The insurance company only offered $100,000 to settle the car accident case, but Matt and his client believed this offer was inadequate to compensate the woman for her injuries and suffering, so they proceeded with a lawsuit. The extensive resources of the Sauter Sullivan firm were brought to bear on the case, and depositions were taken which bolstered the woman’s argument. Before the case could get to trial, it was settled with an award of over $400,000 for Sauter Sullivan’s client.